Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Witch & Her Birds of Paradise

maxi skirt look, vintage outfit, veiled hat
Black and mystical: An outfit fit for a cool witch in a movie.
vintage look, maxi skirt outfit, tatty devine
Drama Baby: Even with cute pastel pink hair, it's possible to look like a drama queen.
tatty devine, eyelash sunglasses, veiled hat
Vintage Girl: Wearing a hat and a skirt from a time long ago.
tatty devine, seance hands, statement necklace
Seance Hands: Let me tell you about the mystic art of palm reading.
tenebris, hand candy, rose quartz ring
Not just red as blood: Loving multicoloured nails recently.
Tatty devine, eyleash sunglasses, my vintage wedding
Behind the veil: There is a world you might discover.
melissa shoes, red boots, jelly boots
The red shoes: Wear them, and there is now way to stop dancing.
vintage outfit, maxi skirt look, tatty devine
Paradise Birds: Oh wind, you love to play with my skirt.
my vintage wedding, black veiled hat, pink hair
Pretty Bows: The hat is even better from behind.

Time for a rather unusual outfit post. I just don't want to style a similar look for the thousandth time. Today I felt like styling a dramatic look, having pictures of New Orleans funerals, American Horror Story Coven, Victorian seances and folkloristic costumes in my head. I have had a lifelong fascination with stories about occultism and just love movies and series with witches, especially if they are beautiful and stylish. Recently, I'm watching Salem, and I'm totally in the mood for the mystical.

I few years ago, vintage was my new wonderland. Since then I've become far more selective and don't go for anything vintage anymore. This skirt is one of the examples I really consider as outstanding. The bird print is just wow and wearing it makes me feel like a piece of art. A skirt like this means that there doesn't need to happen a lot in the rest of the outfit. It just deserves to be the star of the look.

I think this style is a wonderful look for going outside with my darling. He doesn't mind me wearing all quirky and rainbow coloured things (and I adore him even more for this), but for a candlelight dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant, even I go for less sometimes. Tomorrow it's crazy circus again, I already know.

Remember the scene when they burned the witch Myrtle Snow in American Horror Story Coven? Her last word was Balenciaga, what a commitment to style! I am not sure yet what label I would choose because I love so many, but certainly the style of witches rules!

Do you also feel the need for a dramatic style and how do you like this look?

My Outfit:
Skirt: Dotti's, Top: Topshop, Necklace & Sunglasses: Tatty Devine,
Hat: My Vintage Wedding, Shoes: Melissa, Tights: Topshop, Rings: Tenebris


  1. Simply's fun to play around with different styles and colours. Makes fashion and style more fun. This skirt is marvellous xx

  2. I hope one day I dress as amazing as you </3

  3. ich liebe deine rosa haare so sehr <3
    klasse look mal wieder und wow du gehörst zu den wenigen menschen die Röcke in dieser Länge tragen können

    alles Liebe deine:

  4. Head-turningly magnificent. That skirt is a true vision!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS EXTREME PERFECTION!!! I'm so delighted to have just discovered you! <3 <3 <3

  6. Sara, your outfit is stunning as always <3
    but you know what? because the pattern on your skirt is a bit asian, I think this outfit would fit great this year's MET Gala ^^

  7. This is so different from what you usually show us, yet it could be my favourite look of yours yet. That skirt is striking and I love the way you've styled it!