Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Wearing Heels and Flats at the Same Time

Azumi & David, heel bag, pastel look
Hello people out there, Sara is back, no matter the weather.
azumi and david heel bag, pastel look, textile federation skirt
I always wear heels, just not always on my feet…
lightening shoes, topshop glow, metallic sneakers
A new dimension of shoes: There is light baby!
azumi and dazed, heel bag, textile federation print
Love in baby blue: Will never part from my Azumi & David bag anymore.
azumi and david, ragged priest, clouds top
Midi is the new maxi: My favourite skirt length at the moment.
ragged priest, textile federation, pastel look
Feeling perfect in a look I love from head to toe.
ragged priest, clouds top, crop top
It's raining: But just on my cool new shirt no need to get your umbrella.
lightening shoes, topshop glow, metallic sneakers
Alien lights: They don't just blink when you walk, but constantly shine like a neon sign.

First outfit post after my London trip and I'm wearing a lot of things I bought there. Like every time, I felt so heartbroken after I had to leave my beloved city. I miss my godchild, my girls and all the inspiration and excitement that is in the air of London. The fact that I caught the flu just when we had to travel didn't brighten up my mood. I spent the first days in Switzerland in bed with a fever. What a welcome!

I am happy I finally feel well enough to show you a few of my new finds finally. There was no way for me around the lightening shoes, not even hearing about their bad quality could stop me. I hope my lights will not go out… It's quite strange for me to not wear heels because as a rather short girl I love the little bit of extra height they give me. Well, at least there is one heel in today's outfit: On my bag! Isn't it cute? It's made by my designer friends Azumi & David. I love how they combine classic design with a touch of quirk. Besides it's always best to shop from lovely designers, and they are just one of the most adorable couples I know.

The skirt I'm wearing is from British label Textile Federation. I think I might turn into a collector of their stuff because I am obsessed with their prints. When I saw their pieces first, I was surprised how affordable they are while they look like expensive designer stuff. Later I read that they are not just a studio, but a hub for the best print design talents from all over the world. On their platform, people can showcase print design, and the winning submissions are realised. So every one of their prints is a winner. I couldn't resist buying a second piece from them which I'll show you later. I hope you are already curious which one it will be…

What do you think about this look lovelies?

My Outfit:
Skirt: Textile Federation, Bodysuit: Primark, Crop Top: Ragged Priest,
Bag: Azumi & David, Tights: Esprit, Earrings: Capn Mueller,
Shoes: Topshop x Glow (sold out), Bangle: Kate Rohe, Ring: Serena Kuhl, Socks: Topshop


  1. So so good, looooove those shoes! Marvellous Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You are my #1 style icon!! <3

  3. the shoes and the top are fantastic!!!

  4. mal wieder so ein cooler look maus
    ich bin verliebt in einfach alles!
    alles alles alles! großartig und so inspirierend!
    Wir müssen echt mal einen Gastpost machen oder so

    alles LIebe

  5. Die Tasche ist ja der Knaller!!!