Thursday, 28 May 2015

A Colour Bomb Has Wiped Out My Words

Tatty Devine, Pearls & Swine, Carmen Miranda look
I find a lot of colours, but sometimes I don't find words.
Tatty Devine, Sequin Party, Quirky fascinator
Looking like Carmen Miranda doesn't make me able to sing unfortunately, so I stay mute.
Textile Federation, printed trousers, rainbow look
I always have something to say and never wear trousers. Today it's the opposite way around.
Pearls & Swine, fascinator, rainbow
Maybe it's the beauty of this Pearls & Swine creation that leaves me speechless.
Textile Federation, Serena Kuhl, printed pants
Vibrant colours speak for themselves!
Sequin Necklace, printed trousers, blogger look
Laughing away my writers block and dressing quirky.
tatty devine, sequin, necklace
If you have sequins, everything else is not important, agreed?
pearls and swine, barbie fascinator, quirky headwear
Cute detail of my fascinator with a Barbie arm and a darling little birdie.
Textile Federation, printed trousers, rainbow look
Maybe I should tell you a story from the land the hot-air balloons on my trousers come from?
Tatty Devine, sequin necklace, colourful perspex
Oh Tatty Devine, you just know what makes a girl feel like over the rainbow…
YRU, rainbow shoes, platform sandals
Rainbow feet may cause a sudden rush of inspiration, let's try!

While I look like a Carmen Miranda version for beginners (or intermediate if the beholder is generous with me) I don't have an idea what to write and stare at the screen. A colour bomb, but no explosion of words. Oh hello, writers block, I thought I'd never see you at my doorstep, but after three and a half years of blogging you finally found me. You even brought a gift: An inexistent idea of a topic to chat about, how lovely!

Is anyone interested in the musings of a fashion blogger or are you just here for pretty pictures? Does somebody even realise if I just use dummy text? Let's make a test: If you read this, comment with "pink poodle". Anybody? Please, please, please. You'll be my ultimate hero if you tell me what topics you'd be interested to read about here.

Until then, I continue my search for the words I lost: Does it help to make a handstand? Maybe I better don't try, shame on unathletic me… Half a day later: I cooked some homemade tortellini, tidied up my flat and repotted plants. Still no single word is written on my blank page, but at least my home benefits from this misery. Can it be so difficult to find a few words? No novel with a 1000 pages required so come on Sara!

The next day: Must have fallen asleep while trying to write something and finally I give up. May the words reappear till the next post. Enjoy the colourful look in the meanwhile and appreciate that I talked rather visually than linguistically.

My Outfit:
Top: H&M, Trousers: Textile Federation, Shoes: YRU, Fascinator: Pearls & Swine,
Necklace & Earrings: Tatty Devine, Bangle and Ring: Serene Kuhl


  1. OMG, this outfit is amazing! I'm loving all the colour! Just wow! xx

  2. Marvellous colours, so stunning and happy :) Sometimes we need no words, just to look! xx

  3. Pink poodle :p I love the way you write (even when you have writers block!) I if you're looking for something to talk about though, I'd love to know what music you listen to

    1. Yay, thank you so so much for the pink poodle :-D I checked every few minutes to see if somebody saw it. I'd like to write about music and think of something in that direction. Loft os love, xxx

  4. I love all this colour! <3 This outfit is just as divine as the one I found by you from 2014! I really, really love your blog.

    x Yasmine//Cloudy

  5. Pink poodle pink poodle pink poodle!!!! I always think it is rude not to read the text!!!
    I also do appreciate the gorgeous rainbow outfit too!!!! Are the shoes from Asos? I think I ogled those on one of ny weekly 'rainbow' searches on there! I have some yru rainbow shoes but they have a rainbow joining in the middle.also from the asos rainbow search!
    The head dress is amazing, uou need a cocktail umbrella in your teeth!
    Can you really do a hand stand? Um in awe!!!!

    Nice to meet you!!!x

  6. And write whatever you want, you sound fun! Hope I can find you again when on my computer, I have no idea how to follow on a phone! Come and remind me if I don't come back, not sure my memory will last through this long motorway journey!

  7. Pink poodle!

    As a fan from London I would love a tour of your flat in photos, a whats in your make up bag and handbag post and a photo heavy wardrobe tour! I am so nosy and love seeing what brilliant bloggers like you own and how you personalise your handbag space.

    =^_^= Soo xxx

  8. Pink Poodle! LOL! I love both to see your beautiful colorful pictures and read what you have to say! I think you should write about what makes you happy! I adore this outfit! I just love those adorable trousers and your accessories are perfect!


  9. Pink poodle :-) I love your colourful outfits! Discovering your blog (thanks to Tatty Divine sharing your photo on instagram) has cheered me up no end on this grey and rainy day :-)

    Emma x

  10. Pink poodle! I suffer from writer's block at times too, it can be enormously frustrating but the best thing to do is take a little walk or do something distracting and then hopefully 'ping' the words will come! I LOVE LOVE your trousers in this; they so remind me of The Yellow Submarine film and illustrations. Lally XXX