Tuesday, 5 May 2015

April Fashion Favourites

Comic babe with tinned meat by Kayla Hadlington
Hairstyle and melon bag envy by Ines from Aiiness
Rocking pastel fur by Amanda from Honeypop Kisses
Red ruffle love by Alanna from Xander Vintage
Cute and foxy look by Ashley from Southern (California) Belle

Pink fur perfection by Katerina from Beauty Mark Lady
Casual coolness by Gina from Vintageena

Last month I posted my first monthly fashion favourites post and told you about my vision of cool bloggers all over the world unite and work together. I was surprised by the amount of positive feedback I got and think I actually said something many bloggers had on their mind as well.

I hope I can inspire more of them to follow my example or come up with ideas of how to connect to a colourful and bold fashion crowd. Life is too short for spending it on a lonely cloud! If you have any ideas what we bloggers could do together, please let me know.

Those amazing blogger girls out there are my daily inspiration. They influence my style more than any magazine will ever achieve. Isn't it unfair to just consume their pictures and give them nothing back? They all put a lot of work, time and effort into their blogs and most of them probably don't earn money from that. Big thanks to all of them! As a little gift in return, I spread this pictures here and hope they get your attention and love just as they have mine.

Wishing you a happy day and don't forget to tell me which looks you like best.


  1. These girls are inasneeeeeee! love this post

    ROSALINDIS // rosalindis.blogspot.com.es

  2. Brilliant girls...love their styles definitely, I knew the last one, but the others are definite new ones...everyone should do these, it's been something I've done on my blog for a long time now and I enjoy, gives me a break from looking at my own face and share looks I love. Share some love to other marvellous gals xx

  3. This is such an excellent list. I've been looking for new blogs to read :D


  4. These ladies all look fabulous! Great post! :)

  5. great post! their style is amazing :)


  6. I love sharing the blog love posts!