Monday, 25 May 2015

Lovely Shopping: Splish Splash the New Beach Fashion Is Here

Parrot Print Swimsuit  –  Flamingo Swimsuit  – Melon Swimsuit
Sequin Pineapple Swimsuit  – Rainbow Triangle Bikini  – Rainbow Print Swimsuit

Even Game of Thrones fans must admit: Summer is coming! Time to start dreaming of splashing in a swimming pool and thinking about what to wear.

Probably 99% of all girls (including me) don't feel very well being almost naked in public, but I promise: It gets (a little bit) better if you are wearing a stunning bikini or swimsuit. People will look at the fantastic print of what you wear instead of the structure of your orange peel skin. Anyway: We are all not perfect, and it doesn't matter, so celebrate summer with a colourful beach look and just have fun!

As you can see, my heart clearly beats for swimsuits this year, and while I am always on the colourful side, everybody else seems to join me this year. Never in the years before was it so easy to find beachwear and I could have selected a lot more. I hope I included your favourite too…

So tell me: What do you like best from the beach fashion here and do you have summer holiday plans already?


  1. das sind ja echt fancy teile - ich mag es, wenn bademode nicht so ewig gleich und langweilig aussieht! der mit den papageien hat echt was - vom schnitt und vom print her echt ein geniales teil☻
    liebste grüße,

  2. Love the flamingo one, so gorgeous. I also love the pineapple piece and the bikini next to it, so good!! Gorgeous for the summer, now I just need the hot sunshine and I will be ready :)

  3. Oh my gosh! Love these. I would so get the flamingo one, pineapple and watermelon one.

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