Sunday, 10 May 2015

Sunday Shopping Wish List

summer wish list, kawaii pastels, 2015
Citrus Slice Necklace  –  Pink Glitter Sunglasses  – Prawns Ruffle Top
Caterpillar Brooch  –  Pink Dungarees  –  Tropical Swimsuit
Pastel Jelly Shoes  – Iridiscent Handbag  – Cupcake High Heels

Originally, this would have been my Friday Favourites post, but sometimes things turn out a little bit different and my daytime job kept me from finishing it. Isn't Sunday the best day for pretty things in any case?

I imagine you, sitting on the balcony, wearing radiant sunglasses and reading this post with your laptop on your knees. Do you feel the summer in your heart when your skin gets touched by warm rays of sunshine? I promise, this summer will be a very sweet one, there are loads of pretty pastels ready to land in your shopping basket. I collected my favourite finds just for you.

Last month in London, I met my very special lilac-haired friend Hanni. She is a big inspiration and I don't know anybody who lives the pastel dream like she does. Her whole flat is a divine pastel wonderland and she looks like the sweetest candy cane in the whole universe. Every time I see her, I feel the urgent need for more pastels too. So Hanni, this post happened under your influence.

Please tell me what you think about my wish list pieces. Have a happy Sunday and maybe start the week wearing pastels.


  1. I will take them all!! The ruffle top has been a favourite for a while now. Super list. Happy Sunday x

  2. Ooh that ruffle top is cute! I've already blogged about these cupcake heels, love them!