Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Scrooge McDuck of Fashion

mirror print tshirt, sequin look, pink flower crown
Golden Sequins & Pink Flowers: A look with a little bit of baroque inspiration.
Pearls and Swine, pink flower crown, flower headband
No Crown of Gold Required: I rather have bright flowers on my head.
sara di salvo, mirror print, sequin look
Elegant & Casual: No need to decide when you can mix.
Bodhi bags, secure pin bag, crystal rock ring
Crochet Love: Because ladies know that gloves have more uses than just to keep your fingers warm in winter.
sara di salvo, mirror print, girl with flower crown
Triplets: Or how to get away with three flower crowns in one look.
Pearls and Swine, flower crown, pink flower headband
Just Smile: Because wearing a freshly created look makes happy!
golden sequin looks, mirror print, look with flower crown
Wear Your Flowers with Pride: Because every girl should wear a crown from time to time.
sara di salvo, sara hot couture, girl with flower crown
Blue Eyes: Wish I could copy this stunning eye makeup.
vivienne westwood, melissa shoes, jelly high heels
Vivienne Westwood Vixen: A real classic in my shoe shelf.
pearls and swine, sara di salvo, flower crown look
Modern Madonna: Trying to pose like a statue.

I am the Scrooge McDuck of fashion. While Uncle Scrooge takes a bath in money, I feel the happiest diving into my wardrobe and hoard my textile treasures. Some not fashion people might say this is a waste of money. I disagree because it makes me so very happy. When Uncle Scrooge counts money, I count sequins. And I feel the dramatic need for more, constantly! Life is too short to spend it with cold metal, so I exchange it for soft fabrics.

But let me tell you another thing, like every coin has two sides, so do I: Sometimes even I feel an overdose of consumption and I am not all material girl. I take responsibility for our environment, think about what it means to have the things produced that I wear and buy a lot from small designers instead of big chains. I don't want to waste resources and just buy what I cherish. A completely new look very often doesn't need everything new, but just one key piece.

This is what I prove with this look. Everything in this look has already been in my wardrobe. Just the top is new: Sara Di Salvo's (Hot Couture) mirror print shirt is a true game changer. Aren't the sequin sleeves divine? They look like pure gold when all the sequins face the same direction. As soon as I discovered they were silver on the other side, I had to play with them. The disarranged structure I gave them for the pictures made me think of a very casual attempt on Alexander McQueen and his designs inspired by mysterious undersea creatures. Do you agree so, dear Uncle Scrooge?

I am very curious to hear your opinion about this look.

My Outfit:
Top: Sara Di Salvo Hot Couture, Skirt: United Colors of Benetton,
Flower Crown: Pearls & Swine, Shoes: Melissa, Bag: Bodhi Bags,
Necklace: Tenebris, Gloves: Vintage, Ring: Serena Kuhl, Bangle: Vintage,
Knee Socks: Wolford Vintage, Tights: Topshop


  1. I love the whole outfit, and that flower crown is amazing! I just got my first Pearls & Swine crown, and I am so excited to wear it. Everything they make is so over-the-top fabulous.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your style! <3
    I have this same Westwood shoe and I adore it!

  3. You look wonderful!! I think taking the time to look for great designers and buying what you really love is the best thing. I love to shop, but at the same time it takes me a while to part with my money because I like to search for just the right thing. This outfit is marvellous :)) xx

  4. I LOVE this flower crown! And the sleeves on the top really add such an awesome touch!

  5. great outfit!! you looks so pretty with that flowercrown :)