Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Fashion Favourites No.03

Emi Uniorn, Romance Was Born, flower dress
A pastel flower dream with a perfect dress by Emi from Emi Unicon.
fashion favourites, shoreditch, street style
Shoreditch girls just know best how to rock vintage! Seen at The Street Style Carousel.
fashion favourites, fashion hayley, pink look
Hayley just rules! Every single one of her looks is perfect. Seen at Fashion Hayley.
fashion favourites, miles, black outfit
First ever menswear look on my blog. But Milex's look is just too good to not share!
fashion favourites, indian blogger, blond hair
This hair, this colour combination! Seen at Big Hair Load Mouth by Indian blogger Nilu.
fashion favourites, rommydebonny, pompom outfit
How cute is this pompom look by Rommy? Seen on her blog Rommydebommy.
fashion favourite, barbie outfit, anne-sophie cochevelou
My sweet Anne-Sophie is looking like a queen from another world. Seen at Cycle in Heels.
fashion favourite, winnipeg style, maxi skirt
Rebecca in an amazing maxi skirt and with a cute Asian food bag on her blog Winnipeg Style.

Oh, my: It's already the middle of June and I didn't manage to post a fashion favours post for May. Recently I struggle a lot to keep up with my blog schedule. There is just so much going on at work, and very often I come home almost too tired to lift a finger. Do you know this feeling when everything you desire is to sleep?

I decided to not post a fashion favourites post a month anymore, but as soon as I have a selection of looks you shouldn't miss. Today this moment has come and what a gorgeous selection I have for you!

What I like best about my fashion favourites is that they show, how international inspiration has become thanks to all the cool blogs out there. Today's looks are from the UK, Canada, the Netherlands, India and Australia. All those bloggers approaches to fashion are very different, and this is what I love about them.

I think the secret of style is to stay open-minded, absorb a wide variety of inspiration like a sponge, and never stop trying new things!

How do you like this looks lovelies and who is inspiring you most?


  1. All of these are gorgeous, love how everyone is quirky in their own way...none the same, but connected by quirkiness!! It's awesome and great to see so many different looks without relying on trends or what's in and out, but just from their own creativity, I wish I saw more of that on blogs, but these make it special :) I don't have a favourite, I like them all for different reasons :) x