Friday, 5 June 2015

Lovely Trend: Your Handbag Is Your Best Friend

cute handbags, fluffy bags, bags with eyes
Furry Backback  –  Cat Pouch
Shark Bag  – Yellow Keychain  – Rainbow Coloured Keychain  – Owl Backpack
Monster Choupette Bag  –  Flying Pig Handbag

Are you lonely sometimes or just in the need for more cuteness in your life? Then these bags and keychains are waiting for you to keep you company! One is cuter than the next; my dream is to have all of them and start a little zoo of pretty creatures.

Life is too short for boring bags! Carry around some joy and never grow up entirely! Your inner Peter Pan will agree and have a lot of fun, carrying a furry creature or a hungry shark with you and have that perfect "what-else" expression on your face.

I think cute bags hold kind of a precious super power: They can make even the grimmest people smile. Just observe the reaction of people on the street when somebody with a flying pig on his shoulder crosses and you will agree.

Which one of those bags is your favourite?


  1. That Sara Sboul collab kills me!!!
    Have you seen her collar with Esther loves you? SWOON

    1. Same over here, all the pieces are soooooo amazing :-D I've seen the other collaboration too and it makes it even more difficult to decide on a favourite. But the backpack in my post is still high in the rankings… xxx

  2. Love these!
    That flying glitter pig is way too adorable, aww!
    Thank you for sharing <3

  3. Diese Schweinchentasche ist der Burner. Omg! Und es hat Flügel. Leider ist es schon etwas teuer, aber landet definitiv auf meiner Wunschliste. Du findest immer so viele tolle Sachen. Ich bin begeistert : D

  4. I love them all...a flying pig, so marvellous :)))) xxx

  5. Those are sooo cute!! <3

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