Monday, 22 June 2015

Why I Buy All the Quirky Stuff

kawaii look, Maude Studio, iridescent bag
Looking like a rainbow makes me feel like a rainbow!
mirrored sunglasses, vow london, glitter glasses
If somebody asks me about my favourite colour, I say "rainbow".
Maude Studio, iridescent bag, Sara Gallo
Look how my iridescent bag plays with the sun.
rainbow look, flower crown, blogger style
Finally found the yellow skirt I was looking for ages. The colour is so bright; it's almost neon.
Sara Gallo, heart ring, pink
Because we all want candy (and glitter)!
kawaii crop top, sushi top, tatty devine
Yummy! It's sushi time!
kawaii look, rainbow flower crown, pink hair
Oh, the Japanese writing on my top says "cute"? How charming!
vow london, mirrored glasses, maude studio
I just love shopper bags, and this iridescent one from Maude Studio is the coolest.
Pearls & Swine, rainbow look, flower crown
How to look fabulous: Wear a flower crown and mirrored glasses!
kawaii look, blogger street style, quirky outfit
Rainbow power from head to toe, this is how I rule!
Tatty Devine, pink citrus slice, made in london
So in love with this pink citrus slice from Tatty Devine.
Melissa shoes, high heels and socks
Every cute look needs jelly shoes and cute socks.

My wardrobe must be the dream of every five-year-old girl: There are boxes full of fascinators, loads of flowers, pompoms and novelty handbags in fruity shapes. Not to forget a whole cupboard full of Barbie-like jelly high-heels.

Some not fashion-conscious people might think I buy my jewellery and cutie-things for a few quids in cheap stores, but they are completely wrong. What an insult! Learn now and forever: There are worlds between cheap crap and quirky perfection. Kitsch isn't always just kitsch, and there is nothing more exciting than buying the right kind of it. It's worth every penny to buy something that makes the heart beat faster.

Just because I can spend a lot when I'm excited doesn't mean that I'm a lavish girl: I am reluctant to spend money on some things, even if they would make my life easier. For example, I'm still using an iPhone released almost in the stone ages. Couldn't I get a new one instead of craving for another shiny Maude studio bag and an even bigger Pearls & Swine fascinator? Yes, I could, but where is the joy in buying a new phone?  I want to buy something I can stare at for hours because I love it so much.

A new phone doesn't fulfill the criteria at all: Everybody has one, and they all look nearly the same. It might be faster than the one I have, but it will not come with abilities like an app to create rainbows on the walls of my rooms or an instant glitter-up-my-life function. A new bag has the power to make me squeak and jump into the air on the other hand. So it's an easy decision how I'd prefer to spend my hard earned money!

I go for things that give me a piece of this -being-in-wonderland-feeling and takes me out of the everyday routine. I think this is what we are all craving for in the end.

How do you like this look lovelies and what do you think about spending money on quirky things?

My Outfit:
Crop Top: H&M, Skirt: Topshop, Bag: Maude Studio, Shoes: Melissa,
Socks: Topshop, Flower Crown: Pearls & Swine, Necklace: Tatty Devine,
Sunglasses: Vow London, Ring: Sara Gallo, Bangle: Serena Kuhl


  1. I absolutely adore everything about this look. It's fun, bright, silly, playful and perfect. I mean, look at all the colours. Keep buying the quirky things you like and spend money where you want it.

    PS. There's a lovely sale @ Lazy Oaf that has just started, already got me a block bag and pizza socks :3

  2. Wenn ich die Wahl hätte zwischen einem neuen Handy und neuen Plateau Sneaker. Ich würde immer die Plateau Sneaker wählen. Jedes Mal. Ich kann deine Meinung gut verstehen. Son neues Handy ist zwar nice to have aber dann hat man lieber neue tolle Jellys oder fünf Blumenkronen mehr. Darüber freut man sich mehr als über ein Handy, wo man 10 Apps mehr drauf packen kann und was vielleicht etwas schneller ist als das alte.
    und OMG das Outfit ist großartig. Ich liebe die Brille und die Schuhe, die Tasche sowieso <3

  3. We need all the quirky things!! Honestly, the best quirky things i have, have cost the most money to buy. Usually because it's handmade or something like that. But, I rather buy something like that, than lots of cheaper stuff that is mass produced or will fall apart in no time. I love finding the quirky stuff, I get really excited, makes shopping much happier and life itself happier too. Such a cute outfit, love the top and flower crown indeed :)) Just wonderful. And rainbow colours are the best, :) xx

  4. Amazing outfit! It's so much fun. I share your love of quirky accessories, and I don't go for the cheap crap very often, either. I don't think most people realise how expensive a lot of kitsch accessories are, but I think they're worth every penny! :)

  5. I agree! I love to spend my money on things that I can wear... lolxD I don't really like other teenagers in my age, they all are crazy about cars and phone...I don't even have a phone because it's so expensive in here, I'd rather buy tons of platform sneakers or tie dye tees!;D

    Btw, I really love the Sushi Tee and the jelly shoes, the color is so vivid it's so perrrfect!!>,<

    Adventure of P-Chaaaan!!

  6. The sunglasses, the flower crown, the bag, all perfect! Quirky makes me feel much more fun and interesting to be honest. If I couldn't dress in my own quirky way I wouldn't feel like me.

    The Quirky Queer

  7. I love everything in this post! I also love spending money on something I like, especially sneakers and jacket...hahaha

    Big Dreamer