Wednesday, 8 July 2015

10 Reasons Why I Am Not Katy Perry

leopard scarf, outfit for rainy day, pink-haired blogger
My pink leopard roars when he hears rumours that I look like Katy Perry.
pink Mulberry Bayswater, Cléo Ferin Mercury, blogger style
This pink-haired girl is never ever a copy!
pink leopard scarf, british labels, mulberry bayswater
"I am watching you, so take care what you say." the leopard says.
pink leopard scarf, silk scarf, cléo ferin mercury
Is this not the prettiest pink leopard you've ever seen?
blogger streetstyle, rainy day look, cléo ferin mercury
Protected against a summer shower by my transparent raincoat. It reminds of Blade Runner, not Katy, don't you think?
mulberry, pink handbag, luxury handbag
Mulberry Bayswater: My favourite everyday handbag. It's spacious enough for busy girls on the road.
alexander wang sunglasses, cléo ferin mercury, pink leopard scarf
What a wild look, isn't it? Do you think Katy would style it like this?
pink-haired blogger, transparent raincoat, mulberry bag
Yay, it feels so good to be not haunted by paparazzi!
transparent coat, rain coat, blogger style
Pink girl in the city: Me is me and I love it!
cléo ferin mercury, leopard scarf, made in london
So take care, the leopard will not forgive frailties.

"Katy Perry, Katy Perry" are the children on the streets shouting after me. I glower and just want them to stop. Me is me, and I'm not copying anyone and certainly not Miss Perry. She is gorgeous without any doubt, but it's still an insult to characterise a stranger as a copy of the only pop star with a quirky taste they know.

To vacate the rumour about me being Katy once and forever from the world, I collected ten (fun) facts that will prove everything. Read, be convinced and have fun!

1. Couldn't find Jeremy Scotts number when I wanted new Moschino goodies.
2. I used to be an acolyte as a child, but I didn't sing (the church goers may thank me).
3. I met Russell Brand at a museum, but he didn't seem to know me. Strange, isn't it?
4. I didn't kiss a girl, not even Whoopi Goldberg I swear.
5. There is no Barbie doll that looks like me yet. What a shame!
6. Katy and I share a love for fruity looks. But I bet YOU too!
7. Can't find my peppermint tattoo, I already checked twice.
8. When I asked my mother about her date with Jimi Hendrix, she asked, "Jimi what?"
9. Katy gave up on her pink hair quite soon. I stay true to my candy floss mane as you see.
10. If I were Katy Perry, I didn't have to google to get this post done, don't you think?

So what do you say now and how do you like this look?

My Outfit:
Raincoat: Topshop, Scarf: Cléo Ferin Mercury, Handbag: Mulberry, Ring: Tatty Devine,
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, Sunglasses: Alexander Wang,
Earrings: Kanokkorn Lamlert


  1. So cute, I love this!! The scarf is gorgeous!! You look marvellous xx

  2. yes!!! love your pink leopard genuine fabulousness! and also cool raincoat!! (blade runner! stylish!!!)
    you're gorgeous!!
    besos & pink