Sunday, 19 July 2015

How to Live A Disney Princess Life

maxi skirt, tropical prints, pastel outfit
Disney girl applying as the first pink-haired princess ever.
fluffy bag, pastel look, blogger fashion
I already wear ices fit for a queen.
maxi skirt, pastel look, tropical prints
A paparazzi caught Princess Sara on her way to her castle.
Metallic look, miumiu, flower crown
Where is my handsome prince and his white horse?
pineapple belt, golden pineapple, blogger look
Ruling the tropical kingdom where the golden pineapples grow.
maxi skirt, blogger look, pastel outfit
A swinging flamingo skirt made for the dancehall.
flamingo skirt, tropical print, maxi skirt
The flamingos accompany me everywhere.
yru ballet bae, tropical prints, maxi skirt
Tropical fruits and palm trees are what my kingdom has to offer.
maxi skirt, blogger look, street style
Princess ready to conquer the world with pastel power.

Every girl dreams of being a princess, of living in a castle, having a room full of pretty dresses and dancing at balls with the handsome prince of her dreams. You did so too, and your dream hasn't come true? Well then, maybe it's time to rethink!

Carrying this princess feeling with you all the time hasn't to do with possessing an awful lot of money, but with attitude. Close your eyes and think about what small or bigger dreams you could make come true just in the last few months. One, two, three, four... Oh, you are still counting? Great! Do you realise how far you've come? You must agree it's a reason to be thankful for and proud of yourself.

Now the only thing you need for your princess day is just to dress like one. No matter if Belle, Arielle or Cinderella, each princess has her signature look. People very often say that you need to dress for the job you want and not the one you have. I agree and say it's princess time.

I chose this fairylike skirt and a flower crown for my princess look today and became the ruler of a tropical flamingo kingdom. I managed to include two of this summers trends in one look: Tropical prints and metallics. Great isn't it? A day with an outfit can turn out nothing else but splendid. Just never let others tell you to grow up, dress serious and stop dreaming!

How do you like this look lovelies and what makes you feel like a princess?

My Outfit:
Skirt: ZIB, Top: Vintage, Shoes: YRU, Belt: Asos (old), Bag: River Island,
Ring: Serena Kuhl, Glasses: Miu Miu, Headband: Selfmade


  1. Oh my dear, this is so magical...I love this outfit so much, the skirt is perfection!! So in love with it!! Fantastic my tropical flamingo queen <3

  2. your style is always amazing! i love from head to toe :)

  3. Fantastic style! I love your hair too! Greetings from Italy :)

  4. Like with your furniture, a Disney made lamp isn't totally necessary. Any type of flowing, leafy, scrolling type chandelier will do. If your little girl loves all things sparkly, look for crystal accents. Check the color and style against the walls, floor, and furniture - find the one that feels just right. castle bed, princess house bed