Friday, 3 July 2015

Lovely Review: Glov – Removing Mak-Up Without Chemicals

review, beauty, glov
Glov – A glove that removes makeup in an ecological way, using only water.
review, glov, makeup removal without chemicals
Fibres 100 times thinner than a human hair remove make-up with micro precision.
review, glove, make-up removal no chemicals
Skin as smooth as rose petals? Glov promises to help!
glov, hydro demaquillage, micro fibre glove
The two sizes Comfort (rectangular) and On-The-Go (small).

My least favourite part of the day is to get ready for bed. I must look like a grumpy panda while I desperately try to get rid of my make-up. It's not my intention to insult pandas, but their look just doesn't suit me at all, and I ask myself if there is no gentler way to get a fresh and clean face. Then Glov came and promised help, thanks to its advanced micro-technology that works without chemicals and residues.

Glov is a patented cosmetic accessory that claims to be the world's best make-up removal. Its special micro fibre is perfect for any skin and works as a magnet on make-up. No matter how strong your mascara or lipstick is, glove removes it while it helps to maintain the natural hydrolipidic barrier of your skin.

All you need is to apply water to your Glov and remove your make-up with a circular motion. After use, you can wash Glov with soap and let it dry. Glov is reusable for up to three months.

Glov comes in two versions: Comfort is perfect for home and can be used as a home spa accessory. On-the-Go takes up almost no space in your luggage and is made to be your new travel companion.

My experience with Glov

"This is just too good to work" was my first thought when I heard about Glov. Could the times of burning eye makeup removers be over now and forever? When I opened the packaging, I was surprised how soft the glove is. I applied warm water to it for a reflexing effect and instantly had to think of those lovely smelling towels you get at Asian restaurants after eating. The makeup disappeared quite fast. Just my mascara tried to resist because I don't like to rub around my eyes. But with a little bit of patience this was solved.

Afterwards, my skin felt matte, clean and very smooth. The experience of having just nothing on the skin was (and still is) amazing and very new to me. I just wanted more. The only thing I disliked is the procedure of washing out the Glov with soap. It takes a lot of soap and patience, and it's almost impossible to keep it perfectly white.

I am testing Glov for a week now and day after day I get more fond of it. My skin feels very smooth and either if I imagine or not, I have the feeling that especially the area around my eyes feels less stressed then when I use a makeup remover. I'll definitely keep using this product!


  1. This sounds amazing, I love the idea of removing makeup without actually using any product, I can imagine it being really good for your skin!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I am still amazed by how good it works. No more burning, no more itching, yay :-D

  2. I think I need something like this, it sounds really good. But like you, I would want my glove to be completely clean and white each time, haha!! But, it being good for the skin is excellent. I like this :) x

    1. I can highly recommend it. I really like it (although I gave up to bring it back to its white colour. My candy yumyum lipstick is just a to big amount of pink ;-) My skin loves it until now. xxx