Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Spotting Deer & Finding Designer Clothes

Marc Jacobs, Little Sunny Bite, bear clutch
I went for a walk, found new clothes and a bear.
marc jacobs, blazer, miumiu glitter shades
Didn't wear blazers for years, but who could resist this Marc Jacobs beauty?
Lena Hoschek, SS11, fulll circle skirt
Feeling like dancing with my full skirt.
Lena Hoschek, SS11, flower print
What a dreamy rose print the queen of all shopping queens found.
lena hoschek, vintage look, 50s outfit
Cheeky posing: Just had to while wearing a look like this.
golden pineapple, earrings, now or never
Favourite Fruit: The golden pineapple.
Vivienne Westwood, Melissa, jelly high heels
Vivienne Westwood shoes complete every look. 
vintage look, marc jacobs, lena hoschek
My photographer said this picture looked sad, I say this is my dreamy face.
golden pineapple, necklace, now or never
A pineapple comes never alone: This is why I have the necklace to the earrings as well.
Little Sunny Bite, bear Clutch, kawaii bag
What are you laughing bear? 
golden pineapple, earrings, quirky jewellery
Another closeup because they are so cute.
Lena Hoschek, circle skirt, vintage look
"Oh my gosh, I'm wearing a perfect look" or whatever I thought when we took this picture.

Other girls go for a walk and end up seeing deer, I end up coming home with a bag full of designer clothes. A few weeks ago, I just wanted to walk a little bit hand in hand with my darling and before I knew what was happening I was standing in the Markentussi store – a fabulous vintage store. I found myself in their changing room with an armload full of clothes from Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs and Moschino.

By pure coincidence, this Lena Hoschek skirt was exactly my size. Don't you agree there was no way leaving without it? And to top up my luck: The Marc Jacobs (not Marc by Marc Jacobs) jacket very close by seemed to be made for it. Gosh, I felt like the one and only queen of all shopping queens, getting just two amazing designer pieces in one stroke.

I've been collecting look books from Lena Hoschek for years but never owned a single piece of this outstanding Austrian designer. Her designs are obviously 50s inspired, but with a very distinctive twist. Quite a while ago, when I was still a poor student, I tried on a few Lena pieces and dreamt of owning something of those treasures.

I might be a few years older since then, maybe have a little less skinny legs and the first fine line on my skin, but I have this fabulous skirt as well. Getting older is so cool when it means that your dreams are coming true! I should go for a walk again, maybe I'll spot deer then…

Do you also end up doing something you haven't planned at all and what do you think about this look?

My Outfit:
Skirt: Lena Hoschek Vintage, Jacket: Marc Jacobs Vintage, Bag: Little Sunny Bite, Sunglasses: Miu Miu (slightly different pink here), Earrings & Necklace: Now Or Never
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa, Socks: Topshop


  1. So cute, what a great skirt and I love the little top too!! It's always wonderful to find great vintage buys that are designer and so pretty!! Marvellous look lovely xx

  2. You are so cute! Love the story behind this outfit :)

    Your hair colour looks like it was made for this outfit <3

  3. It's so cute and pretty! I want to have Gavin Rajah's collection. Thanks for sharing. Keep exploring.

  4. I love this sweet outfit! And the pineapple accessories are just divine!

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  7. The skirt looks so adorable in you, Sara! And the hair just blend perfectly together with the outfit.

  8. The purse and pineapple earrings are a perfect touch.
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