Monday, 17 August 2015

A Colourful UK Visit

godsownjunkyard, london, neon signs
Seriously: Heaven can't look better than God's Own Junkyard!
Serpentine Gallery, iridescent, pavillon
My kind of a cave to hide: The iridescent pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery designed by Selgascano.
flamingo, rooftop gardens, london
I turned into a wildlife-photographer at The Roof Gardens, London's only rooftop with living flamingos.
kaper, manchester, arts and crafts
From the real birds to the paper birds: Lovely craft from Kaper at the Manchester Art and Design Center.
Luna on the moon, glitter lip bag, showrooms shoreditch
Glittery dream bags from Luna on the Moon at the Showrooms Shoreditch.
hydrangea, pink hair, v&a london
Loved those flowers at the V&A, where I went to see an exhibition about shoes.
sketch london, toilet eggs, restaurant design
Finally we made it to the best loos in town at Sketch London.
sketch london, favourite places, london nightlife
Oh Sketch London, I think I know where I will go on my future birthdays…
Pearls & Swine, decorated model head
Loved those heads in Pearls & Swine's house.
London wonder ground, fairy lights
Fairylights at London Wonderground. We went to see the Double R club, because I love Benjamin Louche.
london, soho, ted baker
Aren't we a cute couple, this artwork for Ted Baker and me?
manchester, street art, flamingo graffiti
Wished we could have done a shooting with this graffiti, but we were busy getting cocktails…
Chris Bracey, Gods own junkyard, neon heart
Are you Getting Enough? I could show you a hundred pictures of the God's Own Junkyard.

The ones who are not following me on Instagram might have missed: I've been in the UK for two weeks and had the most amazing time. When I look back, I see 13 colourful days full of excitement, and I'm happy to share a few glimpses with you.

I am a very, very lucky girl for knowing so many amazing and inspiring people in the UK and for having a boyfriend who understands that I lost part of my heart to England. Although I left London five years ago, it's still the home of my soul, and I dream of returning there permanently. During the last few weeks, we planned to see a few corners of the UK we neglected yet, and this is why we spent a week in the Yorkshire and Manchester.

We stayed at the home of one of my favourite girls in the universe, Bink from Pearls & Swine. She and her boyfriend were the best guides you could imagine, and I felt like royalty being driven around Manchester, Leeds and York. They warmly welcomed us at their quirky home full of cats, hats and curious objects. Usually, Bink and me only chat on Facebook, and I must say I love her even more after having such a great time, cocktails and funny hours with her. I was impressed by medieval York (even if I had to walk the city walls in pouring rain), the independent shops in Manchester and the taxidermy collection of the Manchester Museum.

After enjoying the British countryside, we went to London by train and continued having fun. I went to the playground with my nearly two year old godchild Juna for the very first time, was closer than ever to my beloved flamingos at the Rooftop Gardens and found neon heaven at God's Own Junkyard. Just to name a very few highlights. We survived another tube strike unimpressed, just staying in my beloved East London and using the Thursday for a treasure hunt at the Spitalfields Market and the opening party of the Showrooms Shoreditch. Besides meeting dear old friends, I encountered lovely new people, and I don't have to be a fortune teller to predict future fun with them.

During these two weeks we visited at least one exhibition a day, walked around between 13 and 18 km and had curry for at least five times. I experienced a serious case of "jewellery frenzy" after watching the documentary about Iris Apfel and almost despaired by the thought of how to transport all my new treasures (and a whole big Tesco bag of tea). Be prepared for an accessory blast in my next outfit posts!

It's very hard to be back, but I carry all the memories with me. England, I'll come back, just a few weeks to go!


  1. Ahhh! God's own junkyard!! I've always wanted to go there...It's on top of my travel wishlist!:D
    I'm glad just by seeing your photos...Can't wait to go there..Someday I will go there...:3
    And the Iridescent tunnel is so cute...Why everything is so cute!!:<

    Too bad you didn't take shots on that grafitti...It looks so cute<3

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

    1. Yes God's Own Junkyard :-D it's definitely worth a visit this dream place! I wish that somewhen you will go there and maybe post a picture too <3 I took tons of pictures, actually I could have done a post just about this. xxx

  2. wow wow wow this is such a visually stimulating post! Your photos are great and make me want to go to God's Own Junkyard so badly. I'm slightly embarrassed I never knew it was in Walthamstow which is so close to me haha. I've got to take a trip down there.
    Great post! xx


    This Kid Is Alright

    1. Oh thank you :-D I think it shows a little bit why I love the UK so much: There is inspiration everywhere. A friend of mine who lives in Walthamstow and loves typography didn't know about God's Own Junkyard being there neither, so I think you are excused. But have a trip there, it's so worth it. I took tons of pictures and loved it. xxx