Friday, 7 August 2015

Denim Is For Ghosts Or How To Stay Quirky While Wearing Blue Jeans

pippy lynn, duster, casual look
Ha, I'll never ever look standard!
pippa lynn, duster look, blogger style
Denim is for Ghosts? I show you how to wear it without turning invisible.
pippy lynn, blogger style, little sunny bite
Even my pink bear is laughing about the idea of me turning into an invisible fashion ghost.
sara gallo, barbie jewellery, barbie shoes
What is better than Barbie? – A whole bracelet of Barbie shoes. Now you’re jealous doll, aren’t you?
duster, long coat, summer look
The duster, my current piece of obsession. No other piece of clothing goes with the breeze so well.
little sunny bite, duster look, pink outfit
Bear and Me: A couple ready to make the streets our catwalk.
duster look, pink coat, barbie jewellery
There comes a wind of freedom with a look like this.
pippy lynn, duster, maxi coat
Like a flag in the wind, I stand for the freedom to wear whatever I like.
duster look, maxi coat, denim
Where dusters used to be worn to protect clothes from dusty streets, mine is the key piece of the look.
suki waterhouse, superga, sneakers
The probably most casual shoes I own and I couldn't love them more.

While it was seen as daggy for a long time, everybody is styling double denim looks at the moment. Everybody? No, not me. I could count the pieces of denim I own on my hands, and there is just a single pair of trousers among them – this one. 

People tell me denim goes with everything and is THE basic piece of their wardrobe. Since I avoid basics, this is what makes denim even less attractive. Is denim the uniform of a boring society everybody is wearing?  I don’t want to join this club and turn into another faceless denim ghost girl. I simply refuse to give a piece of cloth the power to steal my identity.

This look is a challenge to myself. It’s about how to stay true to yourself while wearing something untypical. I am no plain and no boring looking girl, but up for a cool and urban look. While wearing everybody uniform, I stay true to my quirky soul. Denim, maybe you and I might find peace with each other if you can live with me combining you with crazy things.

How do you like this look and what is your opinion about denim?

My Outfit:
Duster: Pippa Lynn, Top: Vintage, Trousers: Levi's, Shoes: Superga,
Sunglasses: Craig & Karl x Le Specs, Bracelet: Sara Gallo,
Blue Ring: Bijou Brigitte, Heart Ring: Nina Bee, Chalcedony Ring: Miaki,
Bag: Little Sunny Bite


  1. omg!! so cuteee from head to toe, loveee your style :)

    check mine ^^

  2. was für ein toller look, wie immer liebes
    ich liebe den mantel so sehr <3

    alles liebe deine AMELY ROSE

  3. That is such a fabulous outfit! Those colours, on the duster coat, are so awesome together! I'm not a big fan of pink myself but this combination is really happy and cute without being too juvenile! ^_^ I love it!


  4. Awesome post!! Sara your quirky and cheeky fashion does make me desirable for it. I feel it as a means of getting rejuvenated from the boring and hectic life. Funky attire can sound absurd to some people but for me its living your life to its fullest. Keep posting such blogs, it does make sense for me.

  5. Lovely! In fact I wear jeans all the time. I love classics like jeans combined with quirky and bold accessories, make up, hair,... just like you did. I think jeans are the sexiest garment for boys and girls of all time :)