Sunday, 23 August 2015

Don't You Dare To Break My Piñata

mexican inspired look, charlotte olympia, piñata bag
Kiss Kiss: The cutest bag on the planet is mine.
temptress of waikiki, pompom headband, pink hair
Can't stop being excited: But why should I?
celia b look, street style, piñata bag
A Cocktail of Patterns: Just mix it baby! The wilder, the better.
charlotte olympia, piñata bag, blogger style
Piñata Love: Oh Charlotte Olympia, this is the cutest little creature I've ever seen!
pompom headband, quirky fashion, temptress of waikiki
Pompom Girl: No need for a crown if you can wear rainbow pompoms!
moschino bracelet, print mix, mexican bangles
A Lot of Arm Candy: Watched the movie about Iris Apfel and was inspired to wear a lot of jewellery.
charlotte olympia, piñata bag, quirky handbag
Flying Piñata: Aw, it's eternal love!
celia b, streetstyle, charlotte olympia
A Happy Quirky Girl: Prints, pompoms, glitter, rainbow colours and a piñata, I have it all!
moschino bracelet, rainbow moschino, pompom headband
Rainbow Letters: Moschino baby, what else?
charlotte olympia, piñata bag, novelty handbag
Can't Get My Hands Off You: Piñata, I'll never let you go, I promise.
sara melissa, handmade shoes, heart high heels
Queen of Hearts: Handmade shoes from Sara Melissa.
Celia B, print mix look, african prints
A Little Bit of Skin: Crop tops rule my wardrobe.
pom pom headband, rainbow look, print mix
Colour Addict: Why just wear one colour if you can have them all.
heart shoes, yin yang shoes, pink and red shoes
Red and Pink: Love the idea of two different shoes.

Somebody said you should be yourself unless you can be a piñata, then you should always be a piñata. I spent hours and hours trying to grow a mane, but nothing happened. Then I decided just to be myself: A rainbow girl. And look what happened: I am so proud of this look because it's more me than anything else I ever showed you. I look at the pictures and see the woman I'd like to be, what a feeling!

I am so into mixing prints and this playful skirt from Shanghai-based label Celia B is just everything I've been waiting for. It's like a dream to be wearing something from this amazing designer after admiring her things on pictures for a long time. Those clothes make me feel bold. They seem to tell me that it's ok to dress as quirky as I want and that there is no reason to adapt to the people on the street who most look all the same to me.

This look is just a firework of dream pieces. Just look at my rainbow piñata bag! I never dreamed of owning this Charlotte Olympia bag, but thanks to my crazy boyfriend it's mine. I love its happy face and sometimes if I don't feel very good, I just open the pretty box it came with. The delightful piñata smile cheers me up even more than chocolate.

I wish you a lovely next week. I have another piece from Celia B ready to shoot, and I can't wait to show you soon…

What do you think about this colourful look?

My Outfit:
Skirt and Top: Celia B, Green Top: Vintage, Bag: Charlotte Olympia (sold out),
Shoes: Sara Melissa, Pom Pom Headband: Temptress of Waikiki, Bangles & Rings: A Gift,
Letter Bracelet: Moschino, Sunglasses: Unif (old)


  1. Ahhh...I love this look's beautiful and made me smile!! The piñata bag is too perfect, so happy you have it!!! Wonderful wonderful!! x

  2. absolutely adore this look! <3 <3 that pinata bag is so cool! gotta make myself a pom pom hairband sometime too! x

  3. Very cute! You're such an inspiration <3

    Big Dreamer