Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Life of A Fashion Blogger

Barbie comb iPhone sleeve: Moschino. Shoes Chiara Ferragni (Yes, I do exhibit shoes on my desk).
Because I spend a lot of my free time at my desk, I love to decorate it with fresh flowers.
My desk is the most used place in my flat – right after the bed.
Pink Paper Vase: Future Days. Framed Picture: Foto Floor. Letter: Vintage.
Mouse: Logitech. Pens: Muji. Pencil Case: Gift from Japan.

People tell me that the life of a blogger must be awesome, and I must get loads of freebies for doing barely anything. Some imagine all those pictures are taken just on the way from shopping to the next party. They couldn't be wronger and I hope this post is an eye-opener.

I do get freebies, but most certainly not as many as you imagine. If somebody wants to blog to get things for free, it's just the wrong attitude. Compared to the hours of work it's not much. What can't be paid is the joy and the exciting contact with designers and cool people from all over the world. I am proud I built all this on my own from scratch. It might be just another blog and it most certainly won't save the world. But to me it is half my life.

I don't live from blogging (like most bloggers), but have a 100% job as head of design for a branding company. Very often I stay there far more than my mandatory 40 hours per week. When I come home, I work on my blog nearly every day, as well at least one full day per weekend. When I go on holidays, the weeks before and afterwards are usually especially stressful, because I try to prepare posts in advance.

My boyfriend is the photographer of my outfit posts and proof-reads my texts. A blog is no one-women-show. Sometimes we get into a little fight during a shooting – especially when I realise that I don't look like the quirky queen I feel. Most of the time I am just grateful and aware that without having somebody at my side to share my passion, all this wouldn't be possible.

After the shooting comes the most time-consuming part: Selecting and editing the pictures and create my illustrations. This is what I usually do when my friends go to parties or relax in the sun.

A blog is like a little business and sometimes I could either use eight arms like an octopus or an intern to cope with everything. There is always a lot going on behind the scenes: Answering comments and emails, negotiating with companies and designers, organising four social media platforms and planning posts.

This post is not about complaining, but giving you insight. I love what I do more than anything else and I couldn't imagine a better use of my time. I hope you can feel the love I put in my content and pictures. Your lovely comments very often make my day and I am the most grateful girl in the world for being able to live my crazy fashion life.


  1. Blogging is definitely more than meets the eye and many of us have other jobs and commitments that we must fullfill. But, I wouldn't stop doing it, I have too much fun and getting to know the deisgners and other bloggers is a joy!! Not always free stuff, but it goes beyond that really. Love your desk, so cute :) xx

  2. sehr schöner beitrag maus wie immer
    und was für einen schönen Arbeitsplatz du hast
    bei mir ist IMMER chaos
    ich liebe ja den Buchstaben so sehr <3

    alles liebe deine: AMELY ROSE

  3. Love to read this honest beautiful post, you're doing awesomely, and all the hours of working and effort is perceived in the AMAZING results you get! Congrats, GO GIRL! :)