Wednesday, 30 September 2015

10 Lovely Things & 1 Million of Thanks

Shopping wish list, pink and red, autumn 2015
Rainbow Shoes  –  Dice Necklace  –  Silver Coat
Fur Scarf  –  Golden Glasses  –  Zap Bag  –  Pink Jelly Heels
Flamingo Collar  –  Red and Pink Dress  –  Pony Shoes

I am in love and therefore all items on my wish list are in red and pink. After my last post was full of doubts and negative feelings, I am back on track. This happened thanks to you and it fills my heart with warmth and gratitude. Thank you so much for all your love, your encouragement and your kind words. I was completely surprised by how many very sweet and personal messages I got.

What I do here is worth every second because of you. I wanna show you beautiful things, tempt you with treasures and fill your screens with quirkiness. Instead of thinking if I am doing better or worse than others, I am thinking again of how to be the best possible me. This is my mission, yay!

I am very curious to hear if I succeeded with this wish list post to stir your excitement. I would love to have everything: The (wanna be) inflatable jelly shoes, the phaser bag to make Barbarella jealous and the (oh so fluffy) scarf. Let's continue the fashion adventure together!

Love you so very much! xxx

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Suburb Cleopatra on the Search for Happiness

cleopatra look, peacock necklace, blogger style
Cleopatra, I adore you: Powerful, beautiful and wise.
miu miu glitter sunnies, pink hair, peacock necklace
Follow this amazing woman: I have the haircut and the jewellery. Now I just need a palace.
maxi shirt look, cleopatra style, monki maxi shirt
I am sure Cleopatra would go pink as well nowadays.
peacock necklace, cleopatra look, statement collar
Kissed by the sun, kissed by luck?
fluffy bag, anna dello russo bangle, crocodile bangle
A queen needs feathers (best if they come in the shape of a lovely bag).
monki shirt dress, blogger street style, pink hair
You might be blinded by the sun, I am blinded by thinking of Egyptian gold.
anna dello russo, crocodile bangle, bracelet
Even the crocodiles are subjected to the mighty woman from the Nile, I bet.
melissa shoes, jelly shoes, pink heels
The Egyptians used to have pictures of their enemies on their soles. I don't but rather wear my pretty Melissa shoes.
peacock necklace, miu miu sunglasses, cleopatra look
Oh girl, the world will look different today, so don't you worry!
cleopatra look, pink bob, shirt dress
Why does my body keep me from flying? I don't know.

Warning, this is no happy post. It was Fashion Week in London and Sara was not there, what a tragedy! I caught myself haunting the Instagram accounts of all the luckier people and got depressed and jealous. Then I was ashamed of my nasty feelings, just wanted to hide in my pyjamas and eat a whole bar of chocolate.

Forget about the modern world where it doesn't matter where you are because of the internet. It's just nonsense and nearly impossible to be part of the world I feel I belong to while being far away. I feel like a cheated lover when I see my favourite brands collaborate with others while my mailbox is empty. Oh wait, there are invitation emails coming in. Ah yes, Oktoberfest, the release of the ugliest shoes I have ever seen (maybe made for attending a desert expedition) and parties with (so-called) Swiss celebrities I never heard of before. Delete messages. Ok, empty mailbox again. Where are the good news? Cinderella is waiting for an invitation to the ball!

I am starting to doubt everything. What am I doing here? Am I not good enough? I take unlikes personal and I'm very self-critical. People tell me that I've come far with my blog, I just see competitors miles ahead of me. I've always been the girl that wanted more and there are times when it's almost eating me up.

As a teenager, I often felt in the wrong body and saw it as a cage that limited me. I questioned everything and didn't just take things as they were. Although those emotions calmed down a little bit during the years, I still don't take things for granted. What keeps me from flying? Am I not likeable enough, too old, too fat, not pretty enough, not intelligent, funny, happy, cute, determined, whatever enough? Do I overestimate myself? Why am I not happy to be just one in a million of unremarkable people? A lot of questions and no answers, I feel like sleeping.

Tomorrow I want to find back to optimism and start to believe that the world will be mine one day, I'll go upright and proud, just like Cleopatra.

My Outfit:
Shirt Dress & Shirt: Monki, Skirt: Monki, Shoes: Melissa (old),
Bag: River Island (still available in other colour here), Sunglasses: Miu Miu,
Bangle: Anna Dello Russo For H&M (old), Necklace: Found at Spitalfields Market

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Lovely Label: Headcase Headwear

Headcase Headwear, quirky fascinator, independent UK designer
My Little Pony fascinator, pink fascinator, kitsch headwear
Headcase Headwear, independent uk label, quirky headwear

Let me tell you about Headcase, the quirky headwear label by Nottingham (UK) based designer Clare Leavy.  Her creations will be your best friend if you want to be the most uniquely dressed girl at festivals or just to make lovers of kitsch very happy.

Clare finds her inspiration from every day and unloved objects. I imagine her head must be a playground full of colours and quirkiness. She designs the most amazing disco visors that never lack a sense of humour as well as bespoke headbands making your very own headwear dreams come true.

No matter if you are a fan of Darth Vader, My Little Ponys,  or Troll Dolls, Clare will make it possible for you to express your love in a stylish way.

I am truly in love with her creations and they inspire me to create wild party outfits and crazy looks. Do you dare to wear a statement piece like this as well?

Follow Headcase on Facebook or drop them message for inquiries.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Lovely Smell: Living Lalique

Living Lalique, review, fragrance
Living Lalique: A fragrance that captures London, Paris and New York in one fragrance.
Living Lalique, review, perfume
It comes in a stunning glass bottle with golden birds on the top.
Living Lalique, review, fragrance
A truly elegant fragrance for the cosmopolitan woman.

I won a bottle of the newly released Living Lalique on the SchuSchu blog. Thanks so much to the lovely couple Anja & Liridon as well as to Lalique. Because I don't keep the best things for myself, I wrote a review for you.

The floral woody fragrance was created by Richard Ibañez for Lalique. As a modern and multi-faceted fragrance, Living Lalique captures three of the most lively cities – London, Paris and New York –  in its scent. This fragrance was made for an urban woman living a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The first wow effect is the bottle: The stunning design is clearly reminiscent of the master glass works in Art Nouveau and continues the story of Lalique as the creator of the most amazing flacons. You'd like to have this in your bathroom just because of its design.

Forgive me for indulging in praise of the bottle and let's come to the most important thing,: The smell. The top note of the fragrance is an eclectic mixture of crystalline bergamot, spicy black pepper and aromatic nutmeg. Elegant iris builds the heart of the fragrance, mixed with sweet vanilla and almond-scented tonka bean. Living Lalique finishes with smooth sandalwood, smoky vetiver and voluptuous cashmere wood in the dry-down note.

My first impression was a wave of woody and vanilla notes which comes with a very comforting feeling. Despite the sweetness of vanilla, the scent could almost be a unisex fragrance. It evokes feelings of my teenage days when I was very fond of Emporio Armani's Lei. Both fragrances dance virtuously between feminity and masculinity in my opinion. Living Lalique makes me sniff again and again at my wrist, and I've been wearing it every day for the last week.

Yes, I do love this fragrance. It's not just another one in my collection, but a new favourite. I am living with Living Lalique from now on!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Let's Get Married!

tutu skirt, wedding guest outfit, pink and black
Just pink clouds allowed on the sky today because it's time for a wedding!
Happiness boutique, statement necklace, flower necklace
For this special occasion, just the most beautiful flowers will do.
Happiness Boutique, flower necklace, pink statement necklace
What a sweet statement necklace from Happiness Boutique isn't it?
wedding guest look, blogger wedding outfit, sex and the city inspired look
Thinking of Carrie while rocking a tutu.
Pink hair, happiness boutique, tatty devine sunglasses
No need glueing on fake eyelashes when you can wear them as glasses.
Rare London, tutu skirt, carrie bradshaw look
A back covered in lace: Way more elegant than naked skin, don't you agree?
Rare london, tutu skirt, pink tulle skirt
Prima ballerina girl: Let's pretend for just one picture.
bow belt, pink tutu, carrie bradshaw look
Girls and parcels have one thing in common: Both look pretty with big bows.
wedding guest look, blogger outfit, lace and tulle
Thinking about weddings so much makes my head spinning.
Rare London, tulle skirt, pink tutu skirt
I nearly can't stand the curiosity how the bride will look.
wedding outfit, pink bridesmaid, lace and tulle
I part with a kiss from you today. Sweet dreams of weddings!

Oh summer I love you, and I am not the only one: There is love in the warm air and girls turn into brides one after one. It seems like there is at least one wedding nearly every weekend, and only winter will bring an end to it. I can't wait till it's my turn to invite all my guests to my flamingo wedding.

I don't want to reveal too much, but there will be awesome things happening. There will be pink pompoms in the garden, glitter confetti and pastel coloured drinks with striped straws. Stop: I have fooled you, I'm not getting married at all. I have tons of rings and a sweet boyfriend who loves me, no vows needed to enhance this.

But a girl starts to have fantasies while seeing all other girls in their white dresses… I've worn this outfit to the wedding of my former apprentice (oh my, it sounds like I must be very old when my apprentices got married already). Even if I prefer science fiction and horror series to Sex and the City, my look turned out to be Carrie Bradshaw inspired. What a nostalgic thing, can't believe it's already this long ago!

Who doesn't think of Carrie when they see a tutu skirt like mine from Rare London? One thing that makes me different from Carrie is my hunger for accessories, and this is why I think the look would just be half as good without my statement necklace from Happiness Boutique and my fancy sunglasses. I feel very naked without jewellery and who would go to a wedding without being dressed, n'est pas?

So, time to pay attention to the wedding, let's hope the groom is not Mr. Big!

My Outfit:
Skirt: Rare London, Top: Vintage, Necklace: Happiness Boutique, Belt: Vintage,
Shoes: Bordello, Sunglasses: Tatty Devine, Bangles: H&M, Ring: Rachel's Wonders

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lovely Label & Interview: L.O.M. Fashion

L.O.M fashion. Louise O'Mahony, folklore inspired fashion
Folklore inspired fashion, Brighton Fashion designer, avant grade fashion
Louise O'Mahony, pompom cape, modern frida kahlo
Mexican inspired fashion, louise o'mahony, british fashion design
tassel body, louise omayony, bright prints
loiuse o' mahony, fringed top, frida kahlo look

Today's post is nothing for wallflowers at all! The eclectic fashion of L.O.M. is bright, bold and made to turn heads. Modern Frida Kahlo's can't miss this under no circumstances, L.O.M will conquer your life in a powerful wave of rainbow colours.

Brighton-based British avant-garde fashion designer Louise O'Mahony is the brain behind the label. She graduated as textile student of the year in 2005 on her degree of Costume Design & Textiles from the University of Huddersfield.

Since then her work has been exhibited in many fashion shows in the UK and been featured in magazines such as Nylon, Grazia or Elegant. Louise also runs 1950's inspired label Oh My Honey and works on commissions for singers, performers and brides.

Her current collection for L.O.M. is called "Folklorico" and was inspired by Mexican, Asian and European folklore. Pom poms, fringed seams and elaborate flower prints turn the designs into a vibrant adventure for girls brave enough to embrace their feminity.

Interview with Louise O'Mahony, founder of L.O.M.

Louise, your current collection is inspired by folklore from all over the world. How did you come up with this inspiration?
I really love to travel, and once every couple of years I try to take myself on a big trip. A few years ago I spent six months in Asia and was completely bombarded with inspiration from every angle. I visited a lot of hill tribes in Northern Laos, Cambodia and Thailand and loved their clothes and the craftsmanship of their textiles. I took a lot of pictures and bought a lot of fabrics and materials that I have been holding onto, waiting for the right time to use. I also went to Mexico recently and I could see how the two very different continents had similarities in their indigenous people.

Who is the woman that wears your clothes?
I originally thought my clothes would be worn by performers and very avant-garde people. However, this collection has been so popular with all kinds of women all over the world. Festival season has been very busy, particularly for the fringed Lycra top and pom pom frill jumpsuit, because they are so much fun to run around a field in! But women have also been buying my clothes to wear to weddings, on holidays, even to work. I think the kind of woman that wears my clothes is just someone that loves colours, like to stand out in a crowd, and isn't afraid to wear something different!

Could you please describe the process of creating one of your collections from the birth of the idea to moment when it's finished?
Every year I create a new collection inspired by one theme, once the theme is decided I start gathering inspiration, materials, images, and create a mood board to work from. I sketch between 50-100 different designs, then take the things I like most and mix them together with the other designs to make a whole collection. For the Lycra pieces, I designed the print and then have it printed in the UK, we then cut out the shapes, add the detail – the customer can choose from a huge range of different colour pom poms, fringes and tassels - then we start to construct the garment. All of my pieces are constructed by myself and my skilled seamstresses in my studios in Brighton, UK.

Your fashion is a firework of colour, and every piece is extraordinary. How does your personal wardrobe look, do you sometimes wear boring basics?
Not really. I don't own much black. I'll be honest, when I'm working 16 hour days in the studio, my 50's skirt with giant petticoat and sequinned crop top aren't the most practical or comfortable to wear, but even if I am just in leggings and a jumper you can bet they are bright, bold, with all kinds of prints and colours going on. (In Winter I wear a dinosaur onesie I made for my boyfriend over my clothes – haha!)

Do you prefer to work on collaborations for singers and brides or to design your collections?
That is a really difficult question! I love making the one-off performance or bridal pieces, because they are usually very unique projects to get the chance to create, and you get great pictures. However, designing and making my own collections is so much fun, and it is such a great feeling to know that people all over the world are partying in things I have made.

Let's have a little look into the future: What can we expect from you, another label, completely different inspiration themes?
I think two labels is enough for now! They are both very different, and both do different things for me. One focuses on 1950's bridal wear, delicate, big skirts, petticoats, lace and beadwork, and the other on outrageous colourful festival and party wear, Lycra, tassels, sequins. They are ticking all the boxes for me right now. But new things are coming for both of them. I will be launching a new collection for L.O.M. at Brighton fashion week in October, and a new bridal wear collection for Oh My Honey in January!

Thank you very much for the interview, Louise, I'll keep both of my eyes on your work!

Visit L.O.M here don't forget to like them on Facebook.

Copyright of all pictures by Louise O'Mahony.