Wednesday, 30 September 2015

10 Lovely Things & 1 Million of Thanks

Shopping wish list, pink and red, autumn 2015
Rainbow Shoes  –  Dice Necklace  –  Silver Coat
Fur Scarf  –  Golden Glasses  –  Zap Bag  –  Pink Jelly Heels
Flamingo Collar  –  Red and Pink Dress  –  Pony Shoes

I am in love and therefore all items on my wish list are in red and pink. After my last post was full of doubts and negative feelings, I am back on track. This happened thanks to you and it fills my heart with warmth and gratitude. Thank you so much for all your love, your encouragement and your kind words. I was completely surprised by how many very sweet and personal messages I got.

What I do here is worth every second because of you. I wanna show you beautiful things, tempt you with treasures and fill your screens with quirkiness. Instead of thinking if I am doing better or worse than others, I am thinking again of how to be the best possible me. This is my mission, yay!

I am very curious to hear if I succeeded with this wish list post to stir your excitement. I would love to have everything: The (wanna be) inflatable jelly shoes, the phaser bag to make Barbarella jealous and the (oh so fluffy) scarf. Let's continue the fashion adventure together!

Love you so very much! xxx


  1. So much loveliness!! I really enjoy pink and red together as well. I have no idea which piece I love the most, but this dress from The Whitepepper is perfect and so much fun :)))) And everyone needs a fluffy scarf, especially now that it will get colder for many of us :))) x

  2. I just found your blog and now I'm following you. It has NOTHING to do with the fact you posted rainbow items... or everything. I'm a rainbowholic. xx

  3. Amazing choices! And I love your outfits, you've got such good style x