Thursday, 29 October 2015

The One & Only Dress in the World

Celia B, party look, pineapple hat
An Army of Me: And all of them clothed in my dream dress.
Celia B, Pineapple hat, festive look
For the Family Chronicles: I want to be remembered as the crazy pineapple girl.
Miu Miu, sunglasses, style
Never Without My Sunnies: Miu Miu always has a place right in front of my eyes.
Miu Miu, Pearls and Swine, pineapple hat
Ever Wondered where the pineapples grow? On my head of course!
party look, pineapple fascinator, pattern mix
My Runway is the Street: This is where real life happens.
Pineapple hat, fascinator, pearls & swine
Disco Fruit: Sparkling, Bright and Quirky, yesyesyes!
Miu Miu, sunglasses, best sunnies
Look Into My Eyes: Or have a look at my prrrrrrretty glasses.
Celia B, asymmetrical dress, ruffle dress
Copper Cats: I'm not a big fan of leo print, but this one is pure elegance.
pineapple hat, asymmetrical dress, quirky wedding look
Posing like a vain girl: I just have to, the look is too good.
celia b, pineapple girl, carmen miranda
Outtake of the shooting when we tested the light, sometimes the accidental pictures are the best ones.
pink and orange heels, dorothy perkins, pointy shoes
Strawberries & Oranges: Might turn into a new favourite colour combination.

I could stop blogging now and say: "Yes, I found it, the one and only, the perfect dress". Now I can rest in peace. What better look can I ever wear than this dress? That pattern mix, the sophisticated fabrics, the decadent ruffles and the cheeky free shoulders: It can't get better, can it?

I have to think of the shopkeeper in Paolo Coelho's book "The Alchemist". He doesn't want to achieve his dream because it's what keeps him looking forward to the future. A thought equally sad and sweet I think. Lucky me I have other dreams too (and only a part of them is connected to clothes, unlike some of you might think).

Originally, I just borrowed the dream dress from Celia B for pictures, but I couldn't send it back without being heartbroken. I felt like a child who has to give the candy back. A wedding in the family was the perfect excuse to beg the designer to sell my object of desire to me.

If my ancestors ever have a look at the family pictures, they will know me as the crazy pineapple girl. My dear friend Bink from Pearls & Swine made the cutest disco pineapple to go with my dress. At first I wasn't sure if the orange of the dress would go well with my pink hair, but a little bit of accessory magic can change everything.

Believe it or not, I even caught the bridal bouquet, so this is a true power outfit. And before you ask: No, I'm not getting married now, I'm just not the girl to fall for white dresses when I can stay on my rainbow. Maybe I would reconsider if Celia B started to do wedding dresses as well…

Do you agree this is my best look ever and what is your dream look?

My Outfit:
Dress: Celia B, Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Sunglasses: Miu Miu,
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Bangles: Vintage, Rose Quartz Ring: Tenebris,
Heart Ring: Nina Bee, Scarf: old (similar here)

Friday, 23 October 2015

Lovely Review: Zalon – Personal Styling by Zalando

review, zalon, zalando
Look 1: A sweet pink look featuring my new dream coat and the best slippers ever.
zalon, zalando, review
Look 2: A wild style mix with Choupette, flowers and platform shoes.
zalon, review, personal styling service
Victoria's notes I got with my parcel.

I am suspicious of commercial shops; my heart just beats too strong for independent brands. I don't want to wear what millions wear and (ideally) shop while chatting to the designer. I consider myself as not having an average taste in fashion to make things more difficult. Therefore, I tested Zalon – the personal stylist service by Zalando in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria – with rather low expectations, convinced they couldn't fulfill my quirky dreams.

How does it work?
1) Create a profile at Zalon.
2) Set an appointment with a stylist and have a phone chat.
3) Receive a parcel with your outfits. Try them on at home, keep and pay only what you like.

Ok, so far so well. I started with those three steps and after clicking through a selection of outfit pictures, answering a few questions about my features, size and what brands I would never wear, I could finally select a stylist. I was surprised that the only suggested stylist (Victoria) wrote in her description that she loves minimalistic looks. Not at all my cup of tea, but ok, I gave her a try and fixed an appointment a few days later. She called me perfectly on time, and we had a very friendly talk that took about 20 minutes. Victoria said styling me was a special challenge and asked me for what occasion I'd to have an outfit. We talked about fashion no go's (everything boring and basic), unicorn shoes, Japanese street style and Iris Apfel.

A few days later a massive box was standing in front of my door. It contained the two looks you see in the pictures – all lovely wrapped – and a personal note from Victoria containing her thoughts on the outfits.

Receiving a parcel like this is better than Christmas and birthday together, seriously. I love what Victoria has chosen for me. There were three items in the box that I already own (fluffy slippers, cat sweater, and pink tulle skirt), but this is just proof to me how well she got my style in the short time we talked. At least half of the pieces in my box are from not very well known brands and rather premium labels, another point for Victoria.

I wish I could have kept everything, but my London trip last week made me cut down shopping. In the end, I went for the coat, the bag, and the pink/yellow blazer. I wrote a review about my experience with Zalon that was more or less a love letter to Victoria. Testing this service was a lot of fun, and I must say: Yes, it's something for quirky people as well, and a lot of fun! 

Commercial shops, I'm not done with you (yet)!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

I Am Just A Woman, No Multi-function Unit

harnett and pope, made in london, crazy sunglasses
Vibrant pink and red and made in Shoreditch: Loving my new blouse from Harnett & Pope.
le specs glasses, harnett and pope, streetstyle
No, I never buy my glasses in party stores, but I have a talent for finding quirky designer glasses.
urbanpeople, pink sneakers, kangaroos rage animal
An urban look needs sneakers. There is just point in wearing heels and getting sore feet.
Kar Lagerfeld, Choupette,handbag
My second piece of Choupette. This bag won my heart the second I saw it.
Streetstyle, made in london, harnett and pope
Ready for the day: A look you can wear from morning till night.
tatty devine, statement necklace, pink petal necklace
Statement flowers: My favourite necklace of the moment from Tatty Devine.
dip dye blouse, streetstyle, silk blouse
What a perfect gradient, isn't it?
Streetstyle, harnett and pope, tatty devine
Shapeshifter: It's amazing what happens if the wind plays with my blouse.
Urbanpeople, pink sneakers, kangaroos
Can't stop wearing those sneakers because they are so, so comfortable.
streetstyle, karl Lagergeld, harnett and pope
Just can't show you enough of the coloured silk.

Sometimes I watch other people and wonder how they can manage everything they do: Let me tell you about an amazing woman, let's call her Clara for this post. Clara has a full-time job in a leading position, the perfect boyfriend, an amazing flat with a mixture of designer and vintage pieces. She runs a blog, a little online shop where she sells her self-made illustrations, and when you follow her Facebook feed, you get the impression she is on holidays once a month and dines in the best restaurants all over the world. What an amazing life! The longer you hang around on Facebook or Instagram, the more Claras you will find. They have lives without tears, sweat, hangovers or tiredness.

How on earth are they doing it and what secret do they possess we ordinary humans can't even guess? Sad news: Probably Clara didn't watch a single movie in a year, never spends a night in a club and didn't cook in her stylish kitchen for months. There are no superhumans among us; it's just all about priorities.

This is why I haven't been blogging as much as I wished to recently. Not because I am bored of shooting crazy looks or telling you about my newest find. But I am not just Sara the blogger, but as well Sara the designer, the girlfriend, daughter, traveler and friend to a few of the most amazing people out there. It's a struggle to fulfill of this roles sometimes, but you know that for sure because your life is just the same.

While I planned to blog a lot this weekend, I ended up tidying up my wardrobe and decluttering my life. It just felt great. Now I have space for new things, and my fingers want to edit pictures. Go Sara, go!

I hope your weekend was great as well, please take some time off from time to time and don't think that the Clara's out there are better than you!

My Outfit:
Shirt: Harnett & Pope, Skirt: Monki, Shoes: Urbanpeople, Bag: Karl Lagerfeld,
Tights: Esprit, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Sunglasses: Craig & Karl for Le Specs,
Bangle: Serene Kuhl

(I apologize to all Clara's out there, it's pure coincidence I've chosen your name as a symbol in this post)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Lovely Review: Curaprox Hydrasonic Black is White

review, curaprox black is white, stylish toothbrush

Curoprox black is white, toothbrush, hydrosonic toothbrush
Curoprox, Black is White, hydrosonic toothbrush

Before you stop reading this post: Don't, it would be a grave mistake! I'm not writing this post because it's sponsored, but because I am convinced of its importance. No fashion blogger writes about dental care, all of them just show their perfect teeth to accomplish their looks. But what if you are not born with perfect teeth? What if you didn't learn how to care for your teeth as a child and have to pay not just with horrendous dentist bills but as well with being shy when it comes to smiling?

Welcome to my world. I am not the girl from the toothpaste advert. I can't undo what went wrong when I was a child, but just give my teeth the best care I can now. No easy task: I do have very tight tooth gaps, some of them even too tight for dental floss. Most toothbrushes are just too big to reach all corners. When I was introduced to the Black is White, a new hydrosonic system for dental care from Swiss label Curaprox, it was a true revelation. The three reasons how a toothbrush could have stolen my heart: 

First of all, there is the design. Other toothbrushes you just want to hide in the darkest corner of your bathroom because they don't fit your stylish lifestyle, but this one looks truly sexy. It's glossy black with a pink brush and pink loading lights. Wow! While we all brush our teeth to look better, finally here is a pretty toothbrush. Second it's the brush head: The incredible small brush head makes it possible to reach corners and gaps no other toothbrush might have touched before. Curaprox says that the sonic technology creates turbulences that clean your teeth even where the brushes can't reach. Sounds like magic! Third and finally there is the Curaprox Black is White toothpaste: It comes with charcoal that makes it look black, and this is the secret to making your teeth white without being aggressive or bleaching them. Yes, you heard right. Unlike other toothpaste labels, it's free of plastic and sulphates.

The Curoprox Black is White is the first lifestyle toothbrush I've ever seen, thank you Curoprox for filling a gap! From the first moment, I saw it, I wanted to get one, go home and brush my teeth. It's my third electric toothbrush, and I can honestly say it's by far better than the ones I had before. From now on, there is just one toothbrush in my life, and it's black magic! If you thought dental care is no sexy topic, rethink!

Convinced? Get your Curoprox Black is White here.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Do It Like Iris

fluffy bomber jacket, neon pink look, iris apfel inspired
Dear Iris Apfel, I adore you, inspiring woman.
Iris Apfel glasses, pink tassels, lazy oaf jacket
Just like Iris would do, I went for the biggest round glasses I could find.
Asos pink sandals, neon pink shoes, sandals with socks
To make the look very Sara, princess shoes are a must.
Iris Apfel sunglasses, tassel earrings, neon pink accessories
Neon Tassels: Those earrings go with nearly everything in my wardrobe.
Skinny dip juice bag, umbrella print dress, kawaii look
A sea of umbrellas: Cute this dress, isn't it?
tassel earrings, neon pink earrings, L.O.M.
Glitter Heart: Proudly wearing the L.O.M logo on my ears.
Skinny Dip bag, novelty bag, neon pink
Are you thirsty? Everybody seems to love this funny bag.
fluffy bomber jacket, skinny dip bag, neon pink bag
Fluffy girl: While bomber jackets are a no go for many, I love them for casual urban looks.
rainbow makeup, Iris Apfel glasses, pink hair
Rainbow eyes: Why choose one eyeshadow if you can wear all of them together?
round sunglasses, pink look, street style
The best thing about autumn: Hello excuse to wear anything fluffy.
kawaii look, umbrella print, cute dress
Bright and Happy: Love the cheerful colours of this look.

This is a look I wanted to show you for some weeks, and I'm happy I finally can. It's a look I've been wearing during my last London trip, and nearly everything I wear comes from this beloved city. I love the cheerful casualness of this look, and it makes me remember a few very beautiful moments. Just what I need, because the last few weeks have been very stressful. A pile of new projects at work, me in bed with a cold for days, the birthday party of my mum, a wedding in the family and to top everything the nightmare of every blogger: A dead MacBook.

I edited my pictures on three different (borrowed) laptops while my precious MacBook was gone and nearly went crazy because the colours looked dramatically different on all of them. I lost a lot of time being annoyed of realising how little control I have over how you see my pictures. If time were an endless source, I would not just shoot one outfit a day for you but as well turn into a technic freak and read everything I could to make my blog as best as possible.

When I saw the documentary about fashion icon Iris Apfel a few weeks ago, I was very impressed by the energy of this woman. Being 94 years old seems to be no reason for her to slow down her pace and come up with new projects. I wonder if she knows those feelings of never have enough time just as well as I do at the moment. My head is full of ideas, but there are just too few hours. But well, maybe still better than the other way round.

I hope you are fine, you don't see my pictures all bluish or yellowish and handle the busy life with virtuosity. Don't forget to tell me how you like this look, please.

My Outfit:
Dress: Love BrickLane, Jacket: Lazy Oaf, Shoes: Asos,
Bag: Skinny Dip, Necklace: Boo + Boo Factory, Earrings: L.O.M, Glasses: Vintage,
Rings & Bangle: Serena Kuhl, Socks: Primark, Tights: Topshop