Sunday, 18 October 2015

I Am Just A Woman, No Multi-function Unit

harnett and pope, made in london, crazy sunglasses
Vibrant pink and red and made in Shoreditch: Loving my new blouse from Harnett & Pope.
le specs glasses, harnett and pope, streetstyle
No, I never buy my glasses in party stores, but I have a talent for finding quirky designer glasses.
urbanpeople, pink sneakers, kangaroos rage animal
An urban look needs sneakers. There is just point in wearing heels and getting sore feet.
Kar Lagerfeld, Choupette,handbag
My second piece of Choupette. This bag won my heart the second I saw it.
Streetstyle, made in london, harnett and pope
Ready for the day: A look you can wear from morning till night.
tatty devine, statement necklace, pink petal necklace
Statement flowers: My favourite necklace of the moment from Tatty Devine.
dip dye blouse, streetstyle, silk blouse
What a perfect gradient, isn't it?
Streetstyle, harnett and pope, tatty devine
Shapeshifter: It's amazing what happens if the wind plays with my blouse.
Urbanpeople, pink sneakers, kangaroos
Can't stop wearing those sneakers because they are so, so comfortable.
streetstyle, karl Lagergeld, harnett and pope
Just can't show you enough of the coloured silk.

Sometimes I watch other people and wonder how they can manage everything they do: Let me tell you about an amazing woman, let's call her Clara for this post. Clara has a full-time job in a leading position, the perfect boyfriend, an amazing flat with a mixture of designer and vintage pieces. She runs a blog, a little online shop where she sells her self-made illustrations, and when you follow her Facebook feed, you get the impression she is on holidays once a month and dines in the best restaurants all over the world. What an amazing life! The longer you hang around on Facebook or Instagram, the more Claras you will find. They have lives without tears, sweat, hangovers or tiredness.

How on earth are they doing it and what secret do they possess we ordinary humans can't even guess? Sad news: Probably Clara didn't watch a single movie in a year, never spends a night in a club and didn't cook in her stylish kitchen for months. There are no superhumans among us; it's just all about priorities.

This is why I haven't been blogging as much as I wished to recently. Not because I am bored of shooting crazy looks or telling you about my newest find. But I am not just Sara the blogger, but as well Sara the designer, the girlfriend, daughter, traveler and friend to a few of the most amazing people out there. It's a struggle to fulfill of this roles sometimes, but you know that for sure because your life is just the same.

While I planned to blog a lot this weekend, I ended up tidying up my wardrobe and decluttering my life. It just felt great. Now I have space for new things, and my fingers want to edit pictures. Go Sara, go!

I hope your weekend was great as well, please take some time off from time to time and don't think that the Clara's out there are better than you!

My Outfit:
Shirt: Harnett & Pope, Skirt: Monki, Shoes: Urbanpeople, Bag: Karl Lagerfeld,
Tights: Esprit, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Sunglasses: Craig & Karl for Le Specs,
Bangle: Serene Kuhl

(I apologize to all Clara's out there, it's pure coincidence I've chosen your name as a symbol in this post)


  1. Oh die Tascheeeee <3 Haben will <3
    Toller Look!

    Liebe GrĂ¼sse

  2. So lovely!

  3. I love this outfit! Amazing! xx

  4. Great outfit! That purse is amazing :) and you're so right. Social media only shows little snippets and highlights of a person's life. One should never compare their own life to that!

  5. Love the cute bag! There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done - blogging can be very time consuming so it's good to take some time off every once in a while. I wish I was organised enough to prepare posts and schedule them!

    Emma xxx