Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Lovely Review: Curaprox Hydrasonic Black is White

review, curaprox black is white, stylish toothbrush

Curoprox black is white, toothbrush, hydrosonic toothbrush
Curoprox, Black is White, hydrosonic toothbrush

Before you stop reading this post: Don't, it would be a grave mistake! I'm not writing this post because it's sponsored, but because I am convinced of its importance. No fashion blogger writes about dental care, all of them just show their perfect teeth to accomplish their looks. But what if you are not born with perfect teeth? What if you didn't learn how to care for your teeth as a child and have to pay not just with horrendous dentist bills but as well with being shy when it comes to smiling?

Welcome to my world. I am not the girl from the toothpaste advert. I can't undo what went wrong when I was a child, but just give my teeth the best care I can now. No easy task: I do have very tight tooth gaps, some of them even too tight for dental floss. Most toothbrushes are just too big to reach all corners. When I was introduced to the Black is White, a new hydrosonic system for dental care from Swiss label Curaprox, it was a true revelation. The three reasons how a toothbrush could have stolen my heart: 

First of all, there is the design. Other toothbrushes you just want to hide in the darkest corner of your bathroom because they don't fit your stylish lifestyle, but this one looks truly sexy. It's glossy black with a pink brush and pink loading lights. Wow! While we all brush our teeth to look better, finally here is a pretty toothbrush. Second it's the brush head: The incredible small brush head makes it possible to reach corners and gaps no other toothbrush might have touched before. Curaprox says that the sonic technology creates turbulences that clean your teeth even where the brushes can't reach. Sounds like magic! Third and finally there is the Curaprox Black is White toothpaste: It comes with charcoal that makes it look black, and this is the secret to making your teeth white without being aggressive or bleaching them. Yes, you heard right. Unlike other toothpaste labels, it's free of plastic and sulphates.

The Curoprox Black is White is the first lifestyle toothbrush I've ever seen, thank you Curoprox for filling a gap! From the first moment, I saw it, I wanted to get one, go home and brush my teeth. It's my third electric toothbrush, and I can honestly say it's by far better than the ones I had before. From now on, there is just one toothbrush in my life, and it's black magic! If you thought dental care is no sexy topic, rethink!

Convinced? Get your Curoprox Black is White here.


  1. Dear Lovely Sara,
    I am the person behind Curaprox and thanks for the compliments. Yes I love and use Black-is-White myself. But there is a small error. It is free of "Sulfates". Sulfate containing foaming agents do dry out your mouth ...

    1. Dear Ueli, thank you for letting me know, I corrected the mistake. Very sorry for that, probably it's because my head is so full of love for this toothbrush that I mixed up things… We briefly met at the press event, probably you remember. I was the girl with the pink hair, and you admired my huge pink necklace. Thank you again for the amazing eve and for creating such an amazing product. Love, Sara xx

  2. I've heard good things about this curaprox product! Going on my wish ♥ list now.

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