Friday, 23 October 2015

Lovely Review: Zalon – Personal Styling by Zalando

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Look 1: A sweet pink look featuring my new dream coat and the best slippers ever.
zalon, zalando, review
Look 2: A wild style mix with Choupette, flowers and platform shoes.
zalon, review, personal styling service
Victoria's notes I got with my parcel.

I am suspicious of commercial shops; my heart just beats too strong for independent brands. I don't want to wear what millions wear and (ideally) shop while chatting to the designer. I consider myself as not having an average taste in fashion to make things more difficult. Therefore, I tested Zalon – the personal stylist service by Zalando in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria – with rather low expectations, convinced they couldn't fulfill my quirky dreams.

How does it work?
1) Create a profile at Zalon.
2) Set an appointment with a stylist and have a phone chat.
3) Receive a parcel with your outfits. Try them on at home, keep and pay only what you like.

Ok, so far so well. I started with those three steps and after clicking through a selection of outfit pictures, answering a few questions about my features, size and what brands I would never wear, I could finally select a stylist. I was surprised that the only suggested stylist (Victoria) wrote in her description that she loves minimalistic looks. Not at all my cup of tea, but ok, I gave her a try and fixed an appointment a few days later. She called me perfectly on time, and we had a very friendly talk that took about 20 minutes. Victoria said styling me was a special challenge and asked me for what occasion I'd to have an outfit. We talked about fashion no go's (everything boring and basic), unicorn shoes, Japanese street style and Iris Apfel.

A few days later a massive box was standing in front of my door. It contained the two looks you see in the pictures – all lovely wrapped – and a personal note from Victoria containing her thoughts on the outfits.

Receiving a parcel like this is better than Christmas and birthday together, seriously. I love what Victoria has chosen for me. There were three items in the box that I already own (fluffy slippers, cat sweater, and pink tulle skirt), but this is just proof to me how well she got my style in the short time we talked. At least half of the pieces in my box are from not very well known brands and rather premium labels, another point for Victoria.

I wish I could have kept everything, but my London trip last week made me cut down shopping. In the end, I went for the coat, the bag, and the pink/yellow blazer. I wrote a review about my experience with Zalon that was more or less a love letter to Victoria. Testing this service was a lot of fun, and I must say: Yes, it's something for quirky people as well, and a lot of fun! 

Commercial shops, I'm not done with you (yet)!


  1. OMG love those gifs!
    You are so talented!

    SO happy to be back!
    Wishing you a lovely day,
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥


  2. Hi!

    Just sending compliments your way (if you are still making use of this account) your imagery is really original. Love it. I am at second stages of stylist at Zalando and was doing some research on the service when I came across your profile.

    Hope you are keeping it up.
    Best wishes from Ireland.


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