Thursday, 29 October 2015

The One & Only Dress in the World

Celia B, party look, pineapple hat
An Army of Me: And all of them clothed in my dream dress.
Celia B, Pineapple hat, festive look
For the Family Chronicles: I want to be remembered as the crazy pineapple girl.
Miu Miu, sunglasses, style
Never Without My Sunnies: Miu Miu always has a place right in front of my eyes.
Miu Miu, Pearls and Swine, pineapple hat
Ever Wondered where the pineapples grow? On my head of course!
party look, pineapple fascinator, pattern mix
My Runway is the Street: This is where real life happens.
Pineapple hat, fascinator, pearls & swine
Disco Fruit: Sparkling, Bright and Quirky, yesyesyes!
Miu Miu, sunglasses, best sunnies
Look Into My Eyes: Or have a look at my prrrrrrretty glasses.
Celia B, asymmetrical dress, ruffle dress
Copper Cats: I'm not a big fan of leo print, but this one is pure elegance.
pineapple hat, asymmetrical dress, quirky wedding look
Posing like a vain girl: I just have to, the look is too good.
celia b, pineapple girl, carmen miranda
Outtake of the shooting when we tested the light, sometimes the accidental pictures are the best ones.
pink and orange heels, dorothy perkins, pointy shoes
Strawberries & Oranges: Might turn into a new favourite colour combination.

I could stop blogging now and say: "Yes, I found it, the one and only, the perfect dress". Now I can rest in peace. What better look can I ever wear than this dress? That pattern mix, the sophisticated fabrics, the decadent ruffles and the cheeky free shoulders: It can't get better, can it?

I have to think of the shopkeeper in Paolo Coelho's book "The Alchemist". He doesn't want to achieve his dream because it's what keeps him looking forward to the future. A thought equally sad and sweet I think. Lucky me I have other dreams too (and only a part of them is connected to clothes, unlike some of you might think).

Originally, I just borrowed the dream dress from Celia B for pictures, but I couldn't send it back without being heartbroken. I felt like a child who has to give the candy back. A wedding in the family was the perfect excuse to beg the designer to sell my object of desire to me.

If my ancestors ever have a look at the family pictures, they will know me as the crazy pineapple girl. My dear friend Bink from Pearls & Swine made the cutest disco pineapple to go with my dress. At first I wasn't sure if the orange of the dress would go well with my pink hair, but a little bit of accessory magic can change everything.

Believe it or not, I even caught the bridal bouquet, so this is a true power outfit. And before you ask: No, I'm not getting married now, I'm just not the girl to fall for white dresses when I can stay on my rainbow. Maybe I would reconsider if Celia B started to do wedding dresses as well…

Do you agree this is my best look ever and what is your dream look?

My Outfit:
Dress: Celia B, Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Sunglasses: Miu Miu,
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Bangles: Vintage, Rose Quartz Ring: Tenebris,
Heart Ring: Nina Bee, Scarf: old (similar here)


  1. The dress is beautiful and fabulous but i must say for me the hat is the real show stopper! I love it! A disco pineapple what could be cuter?! You look beautiful as always! I bet you upstaged the bride 🙈🙊🙈

  2. OMG YES! This is a dress that dreams are made of. <3

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater