Wednesday, 2 December 2015

I'm Living In My Own World (& Have a Tropical Party Every Day)

tropical look, flamingo cape, pineapple hat
pineapple hat, pineapple fascinator, pink hair
shoes, flowers, fruits
Ciara Monahan, Dazzle and Jolt, tropical look
Ciara Monahan, tropical look, dazzle & jolt
flamingo cape, tropical prints, fruits in fashion
flamingo cape, pineapple fascinator, carmen miranda
ciara monahan, independent fashion, made in london
ciara monahan, tropical bag, flower hand bag
ciara monahan, flower handbag, tropical

Have you always dressed like this? People often ask me. So let's talk about this today! How did it happen that I ended up being this crazy version of me when I once was a child like everybody else and could have become everything?

I grew up in a world without internet and fashion. The little village I was born used to be a world far, far away from the catwalks, from shopping malls and neon lights. Clothes were mostly meant to be practical, their purpose was to protect against the snow and to make it possible to walk over stony paths. Most people probably believe it must be a dream to grow up there, but little Sara was never interested in cows, hiking, and nature in particularly. I loved books, and they were my first way to escape the green world around me. I dreamed of dragons, witches, and futuristic cities.

Unlike most of my classmates at school, my parents weren't farmers, and my mother took me to the closest city where I learned about the miracle of H&M. I was thrilled. With the innocence of a hillbilly girl, I discovered my love for pretty clothes and thought I found paradise. When I didn't like the clothes my mother laid out for me I sometimes splashed water on them on purpose (how handy we had a well in front of our house).

While other people already started to talk about me dressing differently than the others, when I look back I don't see myself as anything else than a hillbilly girl who still had a long, long way in front of her. I don't think you would follow my blog if I would dress like I used to back then. It took many years to become what I am today, and I feel like an architect who constantly builds on the house called Sara. Nobody just wakes up dressed crazy like this. If you rip a person from everything, she or he is, in the end we are all (almost) the same: Plain and naked canvases. But how we design ourselves in clothes and character, this is what makes the difference!

I wouldn't have dared to wear this look five years ago and sometimes I still struggle with my eccentric self – especially when I catch people laughing about me. But style is work in progress, it's an evolution! I am looking forward so much to see future me and pray to all my fashion icons that she is even more crazy.

Whenever I have doubts I tell myself: It's ok to be a cyborg, to be a Carmen Miranda impersonator, a forgotten member of the Addams Family or a princess who got lost on her way to Disneyland! All you need to do is to develop an idea about who you want to see on the pictures when you look back at your life and head into that direction! I went for the crazy girl from rainbow city, and I'm not halfway there yet…

And last but not least, a link to a brilliant post about colour by my dear friend and artist Diane Goldie. Click here for this must read.

My Outfit:
Cape, Bag, Shoes & Pineapple Fascinator: Ciara Monahan, Dress: Dazzle & Jolt,
Bangles & Rings: Serena Kuhl, Flower Hairclip: Temptress of Waikiki,
Necklace: Hannah Makes Things


  1. This is perfect * w * both your outfit and the text <3
    just... wow! <3

  2. Waow so colourful and cheerful! Makes me want to eat candy :)

  3. great story, love to read more about your fashion history!
    i love how crazy your style is! you have so much fun with fashion and you are very creative. shame on the people who laugh at you :( just don't give a shit ;)

    keep goin'!!!


  4. Cute photos :)
    Maria V.

  5. Always love it!!


  6. What fun is it to dress the same forever? You should evolve, and find yourself, and wear on the outside what reflects on the inside. You are a super star!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

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