Sunday, 13 December 2015

Lovely Christmas Gift Ideas: Home

Christmas gift guide, 2015, home accessories

In the cold winter season, there is no lovelier place on earth than a cosy home, so why not gift something for the flat or house for Christmas? My ten favourite gifts for home reach from hostess gifts to pieces of furniture, so you will find something for everybody.

1)  Flamingo Hooks: No more boring hooks please, we all need flamingos!
2)  Round Side Table: Cause nobody can resist pastel-coloured Nordic design.
3)  Diamond Bedsheets: Best sheets ever to dream of mystical treasures.
4)  Golden Cutlery: Cause this will make the festive meals more glamorous.
5)  Fruit Pillows: If you haven't started a Silkenfavours collection: Now is the time!
6)  Colourful Bath Towel: Designed in Hackney, made to brighten up your day.
7)  Scented Candle: No winter without candles! Especially luxurious ones from Diptyque.
8)  Metallic Containers: The golden grail of pepper grinders from Bloomingville.
10) Paper Gradient Vase: The perfect hostess gift, available in many colours.

Found your perfect gift? If not why don't you have a look at my accessory gift ideas as well.


  1. ohhhh, so viele tolle sachen! das goldene besteck gefällt mir, sowie die passende pfeffermühle ♥
    liebste grüße,

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