Saturday, 31 December 2016

Monochrome Rose: A Pink Dream Tram by Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist, pink tram, monochrome rose
Pipilotti Rist, pink train, artist
pink food, opening, geneva
pink, art, geneva
pink train, monochrome rose, pipilotti rist
Pipilotti rist, pink train, geneva
pink train, geneva, Pipilotti Rist
Pipilotti Rist, pink tram, art
pink train, Pipilotti Rist, art installation

Close your eyes for a second and imagine your city. Think of everything that belongs to the place from the gray streets full of black, red and blue cars to the flashy signs of shops, numerous people hurrying from A to B, passing yellow crosswalks and gray buildings under a light blue sky. Now think which colour you saw the least often!

Maybe orange, or purple? But wait, no: It was pink, right? Possibly there was a little girl with a pink unicorn balloon or maybe you even imagined me entering a beauty store, but I bet there was little or even no pink in your imaginative city. Pink, the colour we connect with feminity, the innocence of childhood and unconditional love is almost not present in the daily life of most people. Isn't that a quite sad thought?

At least when you live in Geneva, this might not be true anymore: Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist designed a train that is pink from the outside and inside. 250 kg of colour were required to realize the Monochrome Rose project. The tram is part of the project art&tram, which aims to make art part of urban life. Pipilotti Rist says that the tram has "emerged from taking an exquisite bath in a sea of colour, with the drops of pigment still dripping over the whole of its body."

The inauguration of the tram was about two weeks ago, and I was very honoured to be part of it. I have always loved the art of Pipilotti Rist with its winking humour, strong sensuality, uncompromising boldness and exuberant feminity.

I remembered how I encountered her work for the first time in my first year at art school. I admired the classical paintings in a museum for their virtuosity and craftmanship, but somehow something was missing that depressed me: Colours and quirkiness. But then I discovered a quite tiny screen in a corner playing video art: "I'm not the girl who misses much" sang a hypnotical, female Mickey Mouse voice through the speakers. I was fascinated and drawn to it like the moth to the light; I thought: No, I indeed don't miss much, not anymore, while I was overwhelmed by a wave of colour coming into my life through Pipilotti's work. This installation was one brick stone in a wall of events convincing me of the necessity of a life in bright, vivid colours. Yes to embracing rainbows, yes to pink!

Finally, so many years later I finally encountered the woman behind the art that inspired me since then and I loved the energy radiating from her and that she obviously doesn't take herself too serious. Pipilotti kissed my hand and went to her knees in fron of me, I don't know how I survived this moment without fainting...

Being in the all pink tram was like a dream for me, and I am convinced Barbarella would trade her spaceship for Pipilotti's tram. It's like a break from your usual life when you enter the pink, playful world, a place which is cheerful, filled with positive emotions and where pink is the new black. You could see it as the fearless grown up version of being inside the whale in the story of Pinocchio.

When the doors after a ride open and you have to disembark, you will regret leaving this pink paradise and secretly wish on your next journey the pink beauty might pick you up once again. At least I have a lot of souvenirs from this day, because all Swiss newspapers printed the picture of Pipiotti and me in the tram to remember the best pink day of 2016.

Pictures: Ela Brettle/Lovely Sara

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Lovely Giveaway: UE Boom 2

giveaway, UE Boom 2, bluetooth speaker
giveaway, UE Boom 2, bluetooth speaker

Wow, we made it: Christmas is here, and this means it's part of my fourth giveaway as well. You can go back to your cookies in a minute. First, you should all enter!

Since Christmas is also the time of music, one lucky winner will get a UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker to listen to the best tunes whenever and wherever. Forget about your family recorder concerto, this is where the music plays!

The UE Boom 2 is a 360-degree wireless Bluetooth speaker for crispy sound with a deep, powerful bass. You can take it with you wherever you go. It's even waterproof, has a Siri and Google Now voice integration and last but not least it looks just great.

How to win
Just follow the options in the Rafflecopter below and tell me in a comment which Christmas song is your all-time favourite. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on the 12th January 2017.

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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Stop Making Me Hard Molly Goddard

kenzo x h&M, pink and red look, house of holland
shaggy fur coat, fishnet tights, house of holland
Ego shoes, black boots, pointy high heels
Marc b., pink bag, bag with chain
Vow London, pink hair, shaggy fur coat
shaggy fur coat, tiger print coat, kenzo x h&m
stop making me hard molly goddard, house of holland, slogan tshirt
House of Holland, slogan tshirt, shaggy coat
winter look, shaggy fur coat, pink hair
kenzo x h&m, tiger coat, shaggy fur coat

It was love at first sight when I saw this coat from Kenzo x H&M showroom a while ago, and it was very hard to leave without it. I did something I rarely do anymore: I queued and queued and queued for it, without even the slightest blogger bonus. I ended up having a lot of fun with two quirky Indonesian ladies in the middle of the night, shared my excitement with a lot of other fashion addicts, and I feel like I truly earned wearing my shaggy tiger.

I got up at five o'clock in the morning and was in front of the shop shortly after six, everybody who knows me better can tell what a sacrifice this is for me: I am no morning person at all, and before ten you better don't talk to me about serious things. I know the whole Kenzo x H&M hype is already over, but there is a difference: Me and this coat, it's no hype, it's true love. I wouldn't have been tempted just by the big name, but I was by the wild designs and the bright colours.

Not the coldest winter can harm me when I wear this coat. Usually, I am a little bit reluctant to shoot pictures in winter, but hey: All I needed to change my mind was a proper coat. I can even go out with bare legs (sorry Mama I know you will call me and tell me I should wear something longer). 

The only thing you can do when you wear one of House of Holland's provocative slogan T-shirts is to combine it with bare flesh for sure. My legs might never beat Agyness Deyn wearing one of those shirts when they first dropped, but who cares!

Just stop making me hard Molly Goddard! 
(I am coming for your clothes soon, take care.)

How do you like this look lovelies and for which dream piece would you stand the queue?

My Outfit:
Coat: Kenzo x H&M, T-shirt: House of Holland, Trousers: H&M, Shoes: Ego, Bag: Marc B,
Pompom Keyring: Kurt Geiger, Gloves: Vintage, Sunglasses: Vow, Tights: H&M

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Lovely Giveaway: The cutest computer mouse on the planet from Logitech

Round three of my Christmas giveaways:-D Today we will have not one, but two lucky winners, each of you getting a Logitech Play mouse in a cool cocktail or melon design. 

The Logitech Play is a Bluetooth mouse compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux and, therefore, the ideal playmate for every fashionista. Thanks to the scroll wheel you can fly through websites and with very long-lasting batteries (one lasts for up to 12 months) the fun almost never stops.

I got my Logitech Play a year ago, and it's the best helper to work on blog posts. Besides, it's functional benefits, it always brightens up my desk and that's what I would like to bring to your home too with this giveaway. Therefore: Good luck!

How to win
Just follow the options in the Rafflecopter below and let me know if you prefer the melon or the cocktail design. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on the 2. January 2017. If you mention the secret word hidden in the second image, you can gain an extra entry.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Lovely Gift Ideas: Beauty

Here comes more help for gift ideas and because beauty gifts are very popular among all girls, I share my favourites with you, all freshly spotted in the shops.

  1) Ted Baker Manicure Set: Spending time with doing your nails is fun with pretty tools!
  2) Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer: THE beauty gift of 2016 will make eyes & hair shine alike.
  3) Angel Hair Brush: The perfect brush for Barbie-lovers and kawaii girls.
  4) Benefit Gift Set: Everything you need for long lashes, rosy cheeks and smooth skin.
  5) Perfume Caban by YSL: The sensual aroma of pink pepper, rose & tonka bean is just wow.
  6) Mac Travel Brush Set: Probably the cutest travel brush set I've ever seen.
  7) Perfume Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi by Kilian: That Scent, that name, that clutch...
  8) Herbivore Lapis Face Oil: This oil reduces redness & clarifies the complexion.
  9) Spectrum Brush Set: Because your makeup is just as good as the tools you use.
 10) Book L'Art de la Colour by Dior: Get new inspiration from the best makeup artists.

Not found what you are looking for here? Have a look at my gifts for the home guide.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Lovely Giveaway: Philips StraightCare Advanced

philips straigthcare advanced, win, giveaway
giveaway, philips, straight care advanced
Philips straight care advanced, win, giveaway
blogger, win, giveaway

Are you ready for another giveaway? I think you are! Today I have the new Philips StraightCare Advanced Vivid Ends Straightener waiting for you.

When people describe typical attributes of my style, my sleek pink hair is always one of the first things they mention. Besides dye and a lot of hairspray, one thing I couldn't live without is a good hair straightener. If you haven't got one yet, this one might be a game changer, especially if your hair is a little bit curly by nature just as mine.

The Philips StraightCare Advanced needs only 30 seconds to warm up and makes your hair sleek in a gentle way with its ultra smooth ceramic plates. Philips promises up to 95% split-free ends, which makes it a great friend for your daily looks.

How to win
Just follow the options in the Rafflecopter below. The giveaway is open to all residents of Switzerland (or other countries that share the same plugs ;-) ) and ends on the 27th December 2016.

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Lovely Gift Ideas: Home

gift guide, home, accessories

Christmas is coming closer, and I was looking forward to giving you some inspiration for gifts for yourself or your friends. Let's start with gift ideas for the home, because during the cold season home is the best place on earth and even better with a few little new additions.

 1) Scented Candle: Cause every home needs luxury candles, and Fornasetti's are the best.
 2) Copper Pineapple: We all love pineapples and cocktails, more questions?
 3) Pink & Black Cotton Blanket: The lovely artist-designed blanket will keep you warm.
 4) Iridescent Vase: This Tom Dixon vase makes your flowers even prettier.
 5) Copper Cocktail Glasses: To go with the copper pineapple and designed by Tom Dixon.
 6) Fluffy Hot Water Bottle: Every girl is craving for warmth and fluff during winter.
 7) Tray with Hands: You are right on trend with choosing hyped label Toiletpaper.
 8) Missoni Bath Mat: Forget boring mats and upgrades your bathroom in a single stroke.
 9) Lalique Vanille Diffuser: Because girls are crazy for vanilla on the skin and in home.
10) Pineapple Lamp: If you really wanna spoil somebody, House of Hackney is the best answer.

Haven't you found your perfect gift yet? Stay tuned for more ideas coming soon.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Lovely Giveaway: "I Love Crafty" Pin Set

I Love Crafty, giveaway, pin lovers gift set
mermaid pin, I Love Crafty, giveaway
I Love Crafty, pin lovers gift set, giveaway
pin box, unicorn pin, giveaway
pin set, giveaway, win
cat lady, pin set, giveaway

Christmas is the time of gifts like no other time of the year. To get that Secret Santa feeling, I prepared a lot of giveaways for you and today we start with one of my favourites: Enamel pins have been my great addiction this year and therefore I thought you might be delighted having this magical pin lover gift box from independent British label "I Love Crafty" under your tree.

The box contains a mermaid pink shell pin, a cat lady pin and a unicorn pin, all three a great addition (or start) to any pin collection. Isn't this set just utterly darling? Just follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below to make your pink dreams come true or shop the box set here as a gift for your cute friends (or for your own).

The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on the 22nd of December 2016, midnight CET. Good luck and a happy pre-Christmas season!

How to win
Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter below and:
– Leave a blog comment
– Visit "Sara is in Love with:" on Facebook

Have a look at the extra options in the Rafflecopter for bonus entries.

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Sunday, 27 November 2016

The Birthday Girl

baby blue look, sheepskin scarf, winter outfit
Florence Bridge, sheepskin scarf, miss patina cat shirt
pleated skirt, winter look, blogger style
marc b. pink handbag, quilted bag
Miss Patina, cat collar shirt, tassel earrings
florence bridge, sheepskin scarf, blogger style
cat collar, miss patina, pink hair
baby blue winter look, sheepskin scarf, marc b.
Florence Bridge, sheepskin scarf, winter look
marc b., miss patina, cute winter look
pastel look, winter outfit, blogger
ego shoes, pink boots, transparent heel

It's my birthday today, and this makes this post a special one. I am glad the look and the pictures turned out very well, and it's a good feeling to share it with you while I take the weekend off from blogging, something I rarely do. The scarf I am wearing could be counted as kind of a pre-birthday gift; my darling bought it for me in London when I was in serious need of something fluffy in my life.

Even if I love blogging, I am excited about my selfishness for taking a whole weekend just for myself instead of editing pictures and catching frostbite while shooting in the cold. Being a blogger doesn't only fill a huge part of my life, my friends and family are taking part of it as well. Some of them in an active way with helping me to organize shootings and connections, others in a more passive way with being patient with me and have some understanding if I am late for the family brunch because of a photo shooting. A big thank you to all of you at this point and sorry for talking about shoes and necklaces so much all the time.

Writing this a day before my birthday, I have no idea what I am doing today, I just know it involves a little journey, good food and spending time with my love. Have a beautiful Sunday too, and I hope you enjoy my pastel look!

My Outfit:
Shirt: Miss Patina, Skirt: Topshop (get similar here), Shoes: Ego, Bag; marc b., earrings: Suzywan Deluxe bought at Soo Happy, Scarf: Florence Bridge

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Art Inspires Fashion: Roses by John Rawlings

Lumas, John Rawlings, Roses
lumas, art inspires fashion, john rawlings

Art Inspires Fashion is back! Some of you missed this category of posts, and I know you were right because styling outfits taking inspiration from paintings and photographs is something I love to do as a former university of applied arts student.

Today's inspiration is the photography called "Roses" by John Rawlings taken in 1948. The American Rawlings was one of the most important photographers of Condé Nast from the 1930s through the 1960s and created numerous covers for the magazines Vogue and Glamour. His style of photography was very forward and influences many fashion photographers till today.

The picture "Roses" is part of the Vogue Archive collection of Lumas and shows an elegant lady wearing a stunning vermillion velvet hat with rose appliqués. I was instantly enchanted because the picture captures true beauty and prestige in a very sensual way.

My look includes the essential things of the artwork: Smooth and shiny materials,  delicate flower petals and gorgeous berry colours. While the appearance of the lady is uncompromisingly elegant, my style has a different edge and can be understood as a translation to modern times.  If necessary, the lady in my picture can run for the tube or carry a dozen shopping bags (after all she is an independent girl), but she will look just as beautiful as John Rawlings model.

Have a closer look at the picture and get it for your home here.

Picture: Roses ©, John Rawlings, VOGUE Archive Collection,