Sunday, 3 January 2016

Game Over

neoprene jumper, American Retro, retro game fashion
Baby-G watch, pink, 90s watch
Neoprene jumper, retro game fashion, Tatty devine
Neoprene jumper, flock mini, pink look
Tatty Devine, 80s phone, statement necklace
le specs sunglasses, pink hair, baby-g watch
neoprene jumper, retro game fashion, 1979 jumper
baby-g, pink watch, casio
Skinny Dip, furry backpack, pink and grey

Game over, done and finished. This is how I felt at the end of the year. 2015, you have been exhausting, and drained me of the last bit of energy I had left. All I wanted to do with my time off this week was sleeping, listening to Kate Bush, eating crisps and watching Star Trek.

I didn't plan to abandon the blog and take a break, but I suddenly felt that this is what I need. Readers might believe that I always have a happy life because of my colourful pictures, but don't get me wrong: Just because I don't dress in black and boring, doesn't mean there is no stress in my life.

Nonetheless of the sudden break, we shot a few outfit posts. My photographer had a couple of days off and the weather was good, it would have been an unforgivable neglect. I only couldn't force myself to edit the pictures. I started several times, but my concentration was very poor. I walked away from my computer every few minutes and ended up tidying my wardrobe, baking bread or chatting on the phone.

I love all the looks we shot, but I just didn't feel like seeing my face on the screen. Many people think that bloggers must be narcissistic, the truth is that I don't like to see myself on pictures at all. It's all about the looks I want to show you. Sometimes I nearly despair on the model (myself) not being able to fulfill the high standards I'd like to have while being the only choice of a model I have. My grin looks ridiculous on 99 of 100 pictures, and longer legs couldn't hurt (Ok, my legs look damn long in these images, I seriously don't know what magic my photographer did, but let's face it: I'm just far, far away from being Cara Delevigne). But because I can't change it and fashion runs through my veins like blood, I will go on and on. I promise. A few days of rest did well; you see: I left my bedsheets for you, and I promise, I'll surprise you this year and go even more colourful and crazy.

I hope your 2016 started very well lovelies, let's walk towards new fashion adventures!

My Outfit:
Jumper and Skirt: American Retro, Backpack: Skinnydip, Shoes: Underground,
Watch: Baby-G, Ring: Sara Gallo, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Glasses: Le Specs (sold out),
Earrings: Serena Kuhl, Kneesocks: Primark


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    1. Thank you so much, it was love at first sight ;-)

  2. Looks cool, so playful! That's not my style, but I can appreciate your taste too. That`s good on you!