Thursday, 21 January 2016

Oh David Bowie… I Just Can't Let You Go

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Skater Dress  –  Ziggy Brooch  –  Modern Love Jumpsuit
Jareth Brooch  –  Neoprene Coat  – Space Man Jacket
Lightning Bolt Shoes  –  Ziggy Scarf

David Bowie was not just a musician; he was – and is – my hero. Not just for one day, but forever. He was art, fashion and all those beloved characters he created. If you roll your eyes and say this article is released when the return of the Starman to a galaxy far away is old news already, let me tell you it came years too soon. The world is a much less exciting place without Bowie.

Millions of people out there have their personal story what Bowie means (yes means and not meant, because his legacy is immortal) to them, so let me tell you mine: Since I was a child I felt like I didn't fit in and got treated as an outcast. I was a shy and lonely girl who spent her time with books and music instead of friends. Somewhen I found Bowie – the beloved Alien – and it was like somebody turned on the stars in my universe. I instantly recognized him as the figurehead of a tribe of eccentric people and felt a strong connection. Seeing the androgynous singer in his fabulous costumes, living his crazy dreams, taught me it's not just ok to be different, but a desirable position to walk towards bravely. Like a comet, this man was leading me the way where I wanted to go in my life.

I was almost under shock when I heard the sad news and had to collect my thoughts for a few days before I was able to write about losing my sparkling hero. The evening before I went to bed with his new album Black Star in my head. David singing "I'm in heaven" followed me into my dreams and the morning afterward the man who fell to earth was gone from it again.

How could he leave us and what can we do? Mourn! All the people for whom he was only a musicians among many will not understand the sadness caused by an idol never met personally. I don't care, and I bet they don't belong to the eccentric tribe! Do you agree? Then maybe you feel the need I do to have Bowie closer than ever. Let's watch his movies, turn the speakers up and listen to his musical legacy, paint lightning bolts across your faces, and last but least: Wear Bowie themed things. He will live forever in our hearts!

I know this post doesn't do Bowie justice at all. He created and didn't reproduce. Those pieces here are mere copies of his iconic style while I believe he would like all eccentrics out there to create and evolve. Yes, Mr. Bowie, I promise we will. We owe you this, because after you are gone there is nobody but us left. But let us mourn first, tribe of colourful people, and then we can go on and someday (hopefully in the future far away) we will meet Bowie on a star far away.


  1. LOVE it all!! I would buy everything if I had a money tree, haha :)) Bowie will live on forever and ever!! I always loved his ability to let himself be whatever he wanted to be at whatever moment he wanted to be it. Not many people can do that these days, they are happy in one box. I always felt 'normal' knowing he was around and that my need to grab from lots of different boxes was just fine and that I didn't need to be confined to just one idea, look or style. I could do them all if I wanted. One of my superheroes for sure, along with Kate Bush, Grace Jones and so many more!! We'll see him again soon when our spaceships take off too :) xx

    1. He will live forever for sure, all the characters he was and is! Finally you made me find a reason to look forward to the moment when my spaceship will take off: Bowie will be there. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts <3

  2. Your story about your relationship to Bowie's art really resonated with me, I had a very similar experience. And I couldn't agree more, the best way to remember him is to be creative and wear wonderfully eccentric things in his honor.

  3. Dear Saskia, how lovely to hear! It makes me happy to hear about your similar experience. Let's keep him alive in our thoughts and do things he would have done! xxx