Monday, 1 February 2016

Ten Lovely Fashion Finds & Ten Things That Make Me Happy

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Flamingo Necklace  –  Rainbow Monster Clutch  –  Care Bear Shoes
Hands Necklace  –  Rainbow Top  –  Bomb Bag  –  Rainbow Glasses
Lilac Faux Fur Coat  –  Moschino Ombre Bag  – Fruit Print Dres

Being a blogger puts you into the position of a material girl. You are always browsing for the newest coolest finds; your postie moans under the load of parcels he has to carry to your doorstep and at first sight you give the impression that consumption is your only definition of happiness. But isn't there more behind the facade?

My musings about questions ended in me realising that happiness often lies in the small things of life, the things nobody mentioned. Therefore, I decided to pair my ten fashion finds post for the first time with a list of 10 moments of happiness during the last days. Most of them might seem unremarkable, but I believe they make a difference. I like the idea of continuing the list and having a million of reasons to be happy if I continue to write them all down.

10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Booking the next trip to London. Yay! My advice: You get the most of your travels when you plan ahead and leave a lot of time for pleasant anticipation.

2. A smile from a (female) stranger one the street. It doesn't cost you anything to lift the corners of your mouth but might bring the sun into somebody else’s day.

3. Telling your boyfriend, your family and friends how much you love them and appreciate them being in your life.

 4. Taking care of yourself just because you deserve it: Doing a face mask while having a Lush flamingo bubble bath on a regular day. What could be more relaxing?

 5. Fulfilling a New Year's resolution: I wanted to read a book a month this year, and I already finished two in January (Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart and Burial Rites by Hannah Kent). Especially the second one touched me and will stick in my mind for quite a while.

 6. Waking up early in the morning and realising it’s weekend, hiding deeper under the sheets and continuing with adventures in dreamland.

 7. Getting in touch with people you haven't talked to for years and still enjoying each others company like no time at all has passed.

 8. Having a cosy evening at home with warm candle light and steaming Earl Gray tea. There is no need for wellness when you declare your home to your island of recreation.

 9. Reading the news that David Bowie prepared music to be released after his death. Thank the stars, it's not necessary to live without the man who fell to earth!

10. The moment when you catch a glance of yourself in a shop window and realise even the colour of the fruit juice you carry matches your outfit.

What was your moment of happiness this week or today?


  1. Your wishlist is so cute <3
    I'm gonna have a new hairstyle and eat sushi today, that's my happiness today :D

    Big Dreamer

  2. This is so lovely! I agree with your sentiments, the little things are great to focus on. I actually went backwards with this though and focused on the little things in the past and didn't really focus on the material things that much ergo...I'm such a material girl now since I denied myself so many things all these years. I'm making up for lost time! lol.. And those Care Bear heels are calling my name!! Soooooo adorable!!

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    INSTAGRAM: @margaritabloom
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