Monday, 28 March 2016

Don't Think Black & White, Think Rainbow!

rainbow look, spring outfit, pink hair
Maude Studio, iridescent bag, Minga London rainbow skirt
Skechers, rainbow sneakers, Voegele Shoes
Iridescent bag, pink spring coat, rainbow co-ord
blogger look, colourful outfit, pink spring coat
baccurelli, acrylic jewelery, yellow brooch
rainbow sneakers, Skechers, Voegle shoes
rainbow shoes, Skechers, Voegele shoes
pink spring coat, united colors of benetton, pink hair
Tatty Devine, name necklace, cloud perspex
minga london, rainbow outfit, crop top
united colors of benetton, pink coat, pink outfit

Me wearing sneakers? Might not sound very spectacular, but it‘s something I couldn‘t have imagined two years ago. I am not sporty at all, so I felt like a pretender. I wanted to be chic, elegant and make my rather short legs look longer. I preferred to have my feet covered in blisters from going shopping on heeled shoes instead of looking like the small girl I actually am.

What a silly girl I was! The hip chicks on the streets of London would laugh at me. How could it take so long till I discovered how cool sneakers can look? The sneakers revolution arrived in Sara's wonderland, long legs are overrated anyway!

While I already own a few pairs of sneakers, those are my first pair of Skechers. I can tell you: They are the comfiest shoes in my collection and wearing them feels like walking on clouds. And as you see: They don‘t just come in black or blue, but as well in rainbow, which makes them dream shoes.

I‘m going to be in London quite soon and imagine who is going to be the whole day on the feet, very determined to catch up with everything in never enough time.

I have big plans for meeting people, shopping, eating a lot of Indian food and a very special shooting I can‘t tell you about yet. Just as much: It‘s not for my page, and it‘s something I just know you‘ll love.

My Outfit:
Coat: United Colors of Benetton, Top & Skirt: Minga London,
Shoes: Skechers bought at Vögele Shoes, Bag: Maude Studio, Sunnies: Unif (old),
Necklace: Tatty Devine, Yellow Brooch: Baccurelli, Yellow/Green Bangle: Eat.Me.Do,
Purple/Green Bangle: Kate Rhode, Kneesocks: Primark

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Lovely Fashion Finds

fashion finds, shopping, accessories
Metallic Shoes  –  Fur Cat Collar
Pink Sunnies  – Pom Pom Earrings  – Earrings with Stones  – Flamingo Sunnies
Kenzo Watch  –  Bunny Slippers  – Round and Golden Earrings

Yay Easter is here! We all deserve this long, long weekend so much. I almost couldn't wait to have the time to edit my next posts. I wish I could show them to you right now and share the excitement I feel with you. I've never been excellent at keeping lovely things a secret...

Just as the Easter bunny brings colourful eggs, I like you to start this wonderful weekend with my lovely fashion finds article and picked only the best. Of course, I couldn‘t resist to include a bunny item: The heeled slippers from Streetzie‘s have a rarely seen wow-factor, I couldn‘t stop thinking of them since spotting them on pictures of last London fashion week on the feet of the models for Clio Peppiatt (see here at Fashionista Barbie).

I always had a big love for accessories, but at the moment, they excite me even more than usual. When I study the look of people on the street, I am surprised how many don‘t wear accessories at all, or only very little and few pieces. I say that they need to be bold, fun and big. I might own more necklaces than T-shirts, but I can‘t imagine the other way around. Play girls and don‘t be too shy to have fun!

So please dear Easter bunny: No sweets this year, but why don‘t you bring earrings instead of chocolate eggs? My health and my addiction for fashion will thank you very much. Have a happy weekend!

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Azumi & David AW16: Sooo Next Season

This collection is Sooo Next Season! While London-based fashion designers Azumi and David are part of the fashion world since 17 years and therefore, more than familiar with aligning their creativity and aesthetics with the commercial aspects of the fashion market, they take their AW16 collection as an opportunity to re-purpose their viewpoint as one of artistic practice. AW16 is their impression of an observation of contemporary cultural currents.

Newspapers talk about the end of fashion week, Azumi and David go a step further and criticise the cyclical and seasonal essence of the fashion retail industry. "What does a consumer desire from purchasing a product?" they ask. Is it only a matter of practicality and modesty, protection from the elements, an expression of status or the desire to be accepted in a social group? Do we shop to enjoy our leisure time and as a way of escape from our 9 to 5 working days? Azumi and David play with the bright and bold symbols of consumerism. Don't you feel the sudden need to make your credit card ready when you see their catchy paroles such as "Buy one get none free" and "No special offers" hitting your eyes as unmissable, screaming advertising interferes? Then go ahead: All pieces are signed, numbered and limited to 50.

As a blogger and material girl, I very often worry about being driven too much by consumerism. This collection is a bold statement to speak out loud for a fashion label as well as a challenge to society to think about consumerism. No more change for change's sake, this project is doomed! It's time for "Sooo next season" as a metaphor for positive change!

See more of "Sooo next season" here.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Attack of the Rainbow Worms From Outer Space

charlotte simone, hattie stewart, doodle skirt
The Whitepepper, Streetstyle, rainbow look
Maude Studio, iridescent bag, diamond bag
Charlotte Simone, rainbow swirl, fur scarf
Charlotte Simone, tulle top, Jessica Shaw
streetstyle, quirky fashion, rainbow scarf
Maude Studio, iridescent bag, hattie stewart
Jessica Shaw, tulle top, charlotte simone
Baccurelli, alien brooch, acrylic jewellery
charlotte simone, the whitepepper, street style
rainbow scarf, fur scarf, charlotte simone

My perfectionism is out of this world! Finally, I can show you this rainbow space look, something I planned since Christmas. The odds have been against me: My hairdresser was booked out; I couldn't find the location I had in mind and last but not least spent hours selecting and editing pictures, changing my mind over and over again. I refuse to release a post unless I am sincerely satisfied with it and believe in quality over quantity.

This look pushed my boundaries of perfectionism so much because it contains several pieces especially dear to me. The diamond bag from Maude Studio I was lusting for months before I had it in my hands, the Charlotte Simone Scarf that was a Christmas gift from my darling. Last but not least The Whitepepper skirt with a print by my illustrator crush Hattie Stewart.

Friends who are not blogging very often say they want to start a blog too when they see the exciting things arriving on my doorstep. Often they forget, that no label gives you anything just for free, but there is a lot of work involved.

Don't get me wrong: I am very grateful for being on this path, and I am living my fashion dreams. Perfectionism may be in the way sometimes, but it's as well a powerful impulse to live up to my expectations and to what I owe the amazing designers out there. It's my thank you to them for the amazing things they create.

I hope you like this look, and it brightens up your day. Keep watching out for rainbow worms!

My Outfit:
Top: Jessica Shaw, Skirt: Hattie Stewart x The Whitepepper, Scarf: Charlotte Simone,
Jacket: Vintage, Bag: Maude Studio, Boots: Timberland, Earrings: L.O.M.,
Brooch: Baccurelli, Ring: Tatty Devine (old), Tights: Topshop

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lovely Flamingo Finds

flamingo, fashion, shopping wish list
Flat Flamingo Shoes  –  Flamingo Candle  –  Heeled Boots
Flamingo LED Light  –  Flamingo Slippers  – Key Ring
Laptop Sleeve  –  Fascinator – Socks

Roll your eyes, but I am not over flamingos and probably never will be! As long as there is still space for more cute pink flamingo finds in my flat and wardrobe, I don't have enough of them. While the trend of animals in fashion changes fast from cats to dogs or foxes and owls, my heart will always belong to those elegant, long necked birds!

Sometimes I wish Hitchcock made love films instead of horror. Imagine a movie as cool as "The Birds", but in colour and instead of attacking birds with flocks of flamingos and a couple falling in love in a paradise garden…

The best way I can imagine to cheer myself up after a hard day is to come home, slip my feet into the fluffy flamingo slippers, turn on pink flamingo lights and dream of that movie. Long live the kitsch, long life the pink way of life!

What is your soul animal and what do you think of my flamingo crushes?

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

And I Just Wanna Close My Eyes – So I Don't See You Leaving

The Whitepepper, dress with eyes, red and pink
Hattie Stewart, The Whitepepper, dress with eyes
The Whitepepper, Hattie Stewart, Lolita
Melissa shoes, red jelly shoes, cute socks
Hattie Stewart, The Whitepepper, London Streetstyle
Hattie Stewart, The Whitepepper, Baby-g
red and pink, street style, fashion
Hattie Stewart, the whitepepper, street style
Melissa shoes, red shoes, jelly shoes

It's always hard to let people go if you value them dearly. In the beginning, hot promises to visit each other help to dry the crocodile tears, but after a while, you realise more and more that those visits either don't happen at all, far less than you imagined or that your relationship is just not the same anymore.

No more spontaneous meetings in a cosy coffee shop and cheering each other up after a hard day, no more lazy Sunday afternoons with pizza and your favourite series. Life feels a little bit more lonely, and you have no idea if there will ever be a new friend that can fill the gap in your life.

This is what I go through at the moment. It seems that too many people I love are leaving in a too short time. While the look I show you is a happy outfit, the closed eyes of my dress perfectly express what I feel: I just want to close my eyes and pretend nobody ever leaves. Oh, what a sweet but stupid nostalgia! But who can blame me: I am a sensible girl, neither afraid or ashamed of shedding tears when I am emotionally touched.

I remember all the novels I read about friendship among girls when I was a teenager. All of them going through thick and thin together, discovering sweet innocent love and helping each other over the oh-so-broken heart. This is the kind of friendship I was longing for my whole life. But teenage times are long gone, and friendship didn't get easier, only time did get less.

Yes we are all online 24 hours a day, we can be part of each others lives no matter how far we are from each other, but let's be honest: It's still not the same. And believe me: On Facebook, you only see the happy moments and never what happens if the eyes of the cameras are closed. So why don't we get offline and call an old friend?

My Outfit:
Dress: The Whitepepper, Necklace: Happiness Boutique, Shoes: Melissa (old),
Tights and Socks: Topshop, Sunglasses: Vintage, Earrings: Vintage, Watch: Baby-G,
Ring: Tatty Devine (old)