Sunday, 20 March 2016

Azumi & David AW16: Sooo Next Season

This collection is Sooo Next Season! While London-based fashion designers Azumi and David are part of the fashion world since 17 years and therefore, more than familiar with aligning their creativity and aesthetics with the commercial aspects of the fashion market, they take their AW16 collection as an opportunity to re-purpose their viewpoint as one of artistic practice. AW16 is their impression of an observation of contemporary cultural currents.

Newspapers talk about the end of fashion week, Azumi and David go a step further and criticise the cyclical and seasonal essence of the fashion retail industry. "What does a consumer desire from purchasing a product?" they ask. Is it only a matter of practicality and modesty, protection from the elements, an expression of status or the desire to be accepted in a social group? Do we shop to enjoy our leisure time and as a way of escape from our 9 to 5 working days? Azumi and David play with the bright and bold symbols of consumerism. Don't you feel the sudden need to make your credit card ready when you see their catchy paroles such as "Buy one get none free" and "No special offers" hitting your eyes as unmissable, screaming advertising interferes? Then go ahead: All pieces are signed, numbered and limited to 50.

As a blogger and material girl, I very often worry about being driven too much by consumerism. This collection is a bold statement to speak out loud for a fashion label as well as a challenge to society to think about consumerism. No more change for change's sake, this project is doomed! It's time for "Sooo next season" as a metaphor for positive change!

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