Monday, 28 March 2016

Don't Think Black & White, Think Rainbow!

rainbow look, spring outfit, pink hair
Maude Studio, iridescent bag, Minga London rainbow skirt
Skechers, rainbow sneakers, Voegele Shoes
Iridescent bag, pink spring coat, rainbow co-ord
blogger look, colourful outfit, pink spring coat
baccurelli, acrylic jewelery, yellow brooch
rainbow sneakers, Skechers, Voegle shoes
rainbow shoes, Skechers, Voegele shoes
pink spring coat, united colors of benetton, pink hair
Tatty Devine, name necklace, cloud perspex
minga london, rainbow outfit, crop top
united colors of benetton, pink coat, pink outfit

Me wearing sneakers? Might not sound very spectacular, but it‘s something I couldn‘t have imagined two years ago. I am not sporty at all, so I felt like a pretender. I wanted to be chic, elegant and make my rather short legs look longer. I preferred to have my feet covered in blisters from going shopping on heeled shoes instead of looking like the small girl I actually am.

What a silly girl I was! The hip chicks on the streets of London would laugh at me. How could it take so long till I discovered how cool sneakers can look? The sneakers revolution arrived in Sara's wonderland, long legs are overrated anyway!

While I already own a few pairs of sneakers, those are my first pair of Skechers. I can tell you: They are the comfiest shoes in my collection and wearing them feels like walking on clouds. And as you see: They don‘t just come in black or blue, but as well in rainbow, which makes them dream shoes.

I‘m going to be in London quite soon and imagine who is going to be the whole day on the feet, very determined to catch up with everything in never enough time.

I have big plans for meeting people, shopping, eating a lot of Indian food and a very special shooting I can‘t tell you about yet. Just as much: It‘s not for my page, and it‘s something I just know you‘ll love.

My Outfit:
Coat: United Colors of Benetton, Top & Skirt: Minga London,
Shoes: Skechers bought at Vögele Shoes, Bag: Maude Studio, Sunnies: Unif (old),
Necklace: Tatty Devine, Yellow Brooch: Baccurelli, Yellow/Green Bangle: Eat.Me.Do,
Purple/Green Bangle: Kate Rhode, Kneesocks: Primark


  1. You are so cute!!
    Those sneakers look super amazing <3 aww! :D

  2. Omg I'm so in love with this! <3 your style is so fun, I'm obsessed xo

  3. I need that rainbow top and skirt! <3

    Big Dreamer

  4. That rainbow chevron set is so cute!!!:^) I like that pattern!~
    The sneakers is so cute~~!:^) I'm not a big fan of sporty clothing too because I'm not sporty at all, but sometimes I find it quite cute~


  5. eines Tages! Eines tages überfalle ich dich und klaue dir all deine klamotten
    wundervoll und die kette ist so süß <3

  6. I like the way you think. ;) This rainbow ensemble is divine. You look like you're about to ride away on a unicorn!

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  7. wouuu, those rainbow sneakers are fabulous!, glad you've found a comfy&cool pair of them, as they fit you like a dream!!
    Lovely dress and coat indeed, really loving everything!

  8. Ahh you are so awesome!! I love your sneakers and your dress!! The colors are amazing!! =)

    Melanie | Blog: Toots + Dill

  9. These shoes are just so much fun and so is your whole outfit! I'm a big fan of bright colors too so this entire look is calling to me. The rainbow matching set is amazing with your bright pink coat.

    Jamie |

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