Thursday, 24 March 2016

Lovely Fashion Finds

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Metallic Shoes  –  Fur Cat Collar
Pink Sunnies  – Pom Pom Earrings  – Earrings with Stones  – Flamingo Sunnies
Kenzo Watch  –  Bunny Slippers  – Round and Golden Earrings

Yay Easter is here! We all deserve this long, long weekend so much. I almost couldn't wait to have the time to edit my next posts. I wish I could show them to you right now and share the excitement I feel with you. I've never been excellent at keeping lovely things a secret...

Just as the Easter bunny brings colourful eggs, I like you to start this wonderful weekend with my lovely fashion finds article and picked only the best. Of course, I couldn‘t resist to include a bunny item: The heeled slippers from Streetzie‘s have a rarely seen wow-factor, I couldn‘t stop thinking of them since spotting them on pictures of last London fashion week on the feet of the models for Clio Peppiatt (see here at Fashionista Barbie).

I always had a big love for accessories, but at the moment, they excite me even more than usual. When I study the look of people on the street, I am surprised how many don‘t wear accessories at all, or only very little and few pieces. I say that they need to be bold, fun and big. I might own more necklaces than T-shirts, but I can‘t imagine the other way around. Play girls and don‘t be too shy to have fun!

So please dear Easter bunny: No sweets this year, but why don‘t you bring earrings instead of chocolate eggs? My health and my addiction for fashion will thank you very much. Have a happy weekend!


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