Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I Just Love to Smile

celia b, colourful look, tropical prints
Celia B, blogger look, Asian Fashion
Mulberry, Lily,  metallic handbag
Celia B, Vow London, quirky blogger look
Celia B, Madame Flamingo, pink haired blogger
Celia B, quirky streetstyle, face jumper
Madame Flamingo, platform shoes, rainbow shoes
Peals & Swine, pink glitter sunglasses, leaf fascinator
streetstyle, quirky blogger, celia b
Mulberry handbag, metallic lily bag, celia b skirt
Celia B, alternative streetstyle, blogger style

Girls compare themselves with other girls. While we all know life is no competition and it's more fun to be happy for each others fortune we still can't resist. Of course, I'm no exception and catch myself comparing what I do with other bloggers. Apart from the question if they are more beautiful or more creative than me, one thing I often stumbled upon is the issue of facial expressions.

Like the models on the catwalks, many bloggers rarely show a smile on their flawless faces. The blank expression is just so chic in fashion (I loved this article about the question why models don't smile).

I sometimes try to look badass fashionable as well (for example on the second picture coming with this look), but I never succeed in stopping my mouth corners from going upwards for more than a few seconds. I just love to smile, and I believe it makes the world a little bit warmer.

Models don't choose what they wear; sometimes they might even think it's ridiculous what the crazy minds of the designers produced. But it' s part of their job to present whatever piece they have in the best light possible and fulfil the vision of designers, photographers and editors when doing pictures. Unlike them, when I wear what I love on my pictures and only follow my very own fashion dreams.

Therefore, I just have to grin from ear to ear most of the time: I love what I do and that I can share it with you. I am a very happy girl wearing all those amazing pieces and it's my privilege to express my luck in a big broad smile. So you see there is no way to stop smiling at all: Who needs coolness? I say smiling is en vogue in Sara's wonderland!

My Outfit:
Jumper & Skirt: Celia B, Shoes: Madame Flamingo,
Fascinator: Pearls & Swine, Bag: Mulberry, Pompom Charm: The Laden Showroom,
Sunglasses: Vow London, Tights: H&M


  1. I love your smile :D smiling people make me happy!
    and I think it makes people look even prettier <3

    that outfit is so perfect! I love everything about it :)
    That the head piece stole my heart <3 permanently! too cute <3

  2. this outfit is so bright and magical <3 I love it!

  3. The skirt!! It's so cute:^) it's black but with bright colors...omg...I'm in love:^)
    Also, that grass fur (colar?idk??) looks so cute omg:^)

    As for me, I can't smile. I hate my smile. I don't have confidence to smile, because many people told me that I look weird when smiling..But as time goes by, I started to accept the way I smile, But still, I'm not used to smile...:)) I'm also still struggling in my face expression! I look sleepy 24/7, and when the camera took a photo, ....BAH! my eyes were shut. WHYYYYY.:)) maybe I'm just plain unlucky lol xx


  4. Everything about your look is awesome! I think smile matches perfectly with your sense of style. :)

    I do enjoy the "fun!" mood when it comes to fashion but I personally don't like to smile, I'm an introvert. I got used to it due anxiety/jaw problem too.

    glossy C.

  5. a lovely smile (like yours!) is better than any concealer, and better than any accessory!, and love what you're wearing, the color combo, the cute skirt prints, your purple tights and fabulous shoes, everything head to toe is Candy for my eyes!!