Thursday, 7 April 2016

Lovely Fashion Finds: Summer Feelings Included

Fashion finds, shopping, pineapples
Flamingo Cardigan  –  Candy Platform Shoes
Shrimps Sunglasses   –  Pink Crochet Handbag   –   Crochet Necklace   –   Pineapple Swimsuit
Fruit and Parrot Hair Clasps   –   Shell Platform Sandals   –   Pineapple Backpack

I am in the mood for warm weather, for tropical fashion and more than anything else: PINEAPPLES! The sweet pineapple is the queen of the fruits in my opinion: It's a delight to the eyes, and it even wears a crown! I am glad the annual return of pineapples – not just to the fruit shelf but as well into our wardrobes – is as certain as the soon arrival of next summer.

I am thinking about holidays a lot recently and looking at tropical fashion finds helps me to get into the right mood. I have no clue where to go yet. The recent situation with many beautiful countries being not as safe as they used to be is causing me a lot of thoughts. I'd love to visit the pyramids of Gizeh, wander through the spice bazaars of Istanbul or discover quirky Bangkok.

I have the need for an exotic place in my life and dream of this while eating dried mangos and pineapples in grey Europe. I need something different, and I'm longing to see palm leaves moving in the wind. Maybe I could even go to a place where pineapples grow, and flamingos live…

How do you like my shopping finds and do you already have summer holiday plans?

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  1. Omg both the pairs of shoes!! I'm in love <3