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The Pink Hair Guide

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A lot of you guys ask me for advice on dying your hair pink and what products I use. Therefore, I hope you enjoy this guide filled with the wisdom taught by living the dream of a pink-haired girl for three years.

The decision: Say yes to the pink way of life

If you play with the thought of dying your hair pink, let me tell you: It's not a decision lightly taken. It will mean that you have to invest a lot of money and even more time into your mane to make this rosy dream come (and stay) true. Besides, be aware this colour is a statement and it will influence how people judge you and maybe even the kind of jobs you will get. Pink is certainly not for everybody. Once gone pink, there is no fast way back.

The bleaching: Don't do this at home

For a lovely shade of pink, there is no way around bleaching your hair. The darker your natural colour is, the more it will take. I strongly recommend having your hair bleached by a hairdresser. Bleach can be dangerous if not applied the right way, so please don't do this at home.

My hairdresser uses Olaplex while bleaching and I couldn't be happier. Olaplex reconnects the broken bonds in your hair and helps to prevent breakage. Although you hear about miracles in hair care every week, this one is really a game changer and I can't imagine living without it! My hair used to break and I used to lose quite some hair before I discovered Olaplex. It brought my mane back to a far healthier state. Olaplex is a three-step treatment: Step one goes into the bleach, step two is applied right afterwards. The third and final step is a take-home treatment you can use once a week as a deep conditioning mask.

Since hair grows fast (about one centimetre a month) you will need to fresh up your roots about every four to six weeks. Better select a lovely hair stylist, cause you will see each other a lot of from now on ;-)

The most exciting part: Turning into a walking candy floss

No comes the fun part: After bleaching it your hair is white as a fairy and this means it's time to add your favourite colour called pink. Unlike with more natural hair colours, there is no permanent pink dye. Your colour, especially if it's a pastel shade of pink will wash out very fast. I tried many different labels of hair dye, but the effect is mostly the same.

I like best to mix my shade of pink with Joica Vero-K Pak ruby red, a hint of purple and conditioner. Don't worry too much about the right mixture of dye and conditioner: If the result turns out too bright, it's not going to stay for a long time.

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The Washing: Your hair will suffer from Aquaphobia from now on

You love it if your hair smells like fresh roses? Then I have very bad news for you: From now on your hair will hate to be washed and with every touch of water your perfect shade of pink will fade. I used to wash my hair every day and it felt like straw. At the moment, I am down to every second day and it helps to increase the quality of my hair. I believe that using a good shampoo and never go without a generous amount of conditioner is crucial; my favourites are the Joico K-Pak shampoo and conditioner.

If you feel that your shade of pink needs a slight touch up, you can use a coloured shampoo like the Rosé shampoo from Bleach London to add a hint of colour. Since my hair doesn't feel very soft after using it, I can't recommend it as a daily shampoo. The Bleach London hair crayons are a handy trick to freshen up the roots and cover wisps lacking pink. If you don't have a crayon ready, you can use a pink blush as a makeshift.

Dry shampoo is going to be your best friend:: It will help you to survive days without washing your hair, make it smell lovely and as an incredible bonus add texture. I am a big fan of the products of Baptiste, they have the cutest designs and come in a lot of different scents. Even better news: They are quite inexpensive, yay!

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The other good friends: Hair Care

No wonder hair oil can't make come true
Hair oil is another miraculous weapon in hair care and my favourite product. It's what poor bleached hair dreams of to keep it soft, makes it shine, helps against frizz and smells so so delicious. My favourites are the John Frida Frizz Ease hair oil and the Redken diamond-oil and I use both of them alternatively.

Avoid the sun like a pink vampire or use SPF
Not just washing makes your pink fade but as well the sun. Therefore, I recommend to either avoid it or use SPF on your hair. My tip is Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil.

Pink saints avoid heat
But we can't all be saints, and I am a serious sinner… If you can't avoid to blow dry or straighten your hair, use a heat protectant – like the Joico Ironclad – and a good quality flat iron. Sorry for mentioning Joico again (no, this post is not sponsored by them) but I am very fond of the Joico styler. It repairs and protects your hair because it works with a keratin fuel that is poured into your hair while using it.

The cutting: You just need to let go

Your hair might have more split-ends now and needs this to look healthy and tidy. I have my hair cut whenever I have the roots bleached; this means every four to six weeks.

The cleaning: Your bathroom doesn't have to copy your look

One point many guides on pink hair don't mention: You'll have to put more effort into cleaning if you don't want your bathroom tiles to look just like your head. I strictly get rid of all rests of dye right after washing it out, and my tiles are as white as a smile from a toothpaste advertising. But I've seen else at friends homes...

The happy end: Having pink powers

I've been dying my hair pink for the first time in 2013 and I never regretted it. I love having a candy floss mane and believe it shaped the person I am. When people call me "the pink girl" I broadly smile and I developed a thick skin to overhear comments such as "Barbie" or "Lady Gaga" coming from strangers on the street. If you say yes to pink like me, I'll be euphoric to welcome you in the crowd of unicorns and be delighted the world got a little bit more pink.

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