Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Shoes Meet Art: Jeremy Scott Exhibition at the Galeria Melissa London

Galeria Melissa, London, Melissa Jeremy Scott
Galeria Melissa London, Jeremy Scott, Inflatable Dreams
Jeremy Scott, Melissa, Inflatable Dreams
Galeria Melissa, Shopping, Inflatable Dreams
Inflatable Dreams, Galeria Melissa, Shopping London
Jeremy Scott, Galeria Melissa, London Covent Garden
Melissa shoes, inflatable shoes, jelly shoes

If you haven't heard about the Galeria Melissa in London – Melissa's first flagship store in Europe – it's time to change that and go there right away: Until the 15th of June, Jeremy Scott is hosting a unique Pop-Art themed exhibition called "Inflatable Dreams". If you love shoes and art, this will be your ultimate heaven.

LED screens transform the Galeria Melissa entrance into a blue water world and let the visitors dive into the summery pool world of Jeremy Scott instantly. Giant inflatables such as cute teddy bears and hearts welcome you to this fun place.

But the best thing awaits you if you follow the stairs down: A swimming pool full of blue and aquamarine plastic balls with a slide to give you the opportunity to dive in and fulfill your childhood dreams. Nobody can accuse you of being childish here, after all, it's art ;-)

After enjoying yourself in this pool, it's hard to resist a pair of colourful jelly shoes with bubble gum scent as a souvenir from your Melissa holidays. The selection of Melissa shoes in the Galeria is breathtaking and of course, they have the whole inflatable shoe collection from Jeremy Scott, most models coming with the signature air nozzle. You will leave happily with a bag full of plastic dreams.

Thank you very much for the fun we had in the swimming pool Jeremy Scott, we will remember whenever we wear our new shiny shoes!

43 King Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 8JS

If you can't make it to London but fell in love with the shoes, you can shop them here:

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Lovely Inspiration: Living in Neon

neon, interior design, home accessories
Neon Pink Heart Vase  –  Star Anise Print Cushion  – Prism Bookends
Plissé A4 Archive Folder  –  Ice Cream Neon Light
Gradient Tea Towels  –  Fluoro Orange Offcut Stool  –  Neon Dipped Wooden Spoons
Pink and Yellow Acrylic Vases  –  Neon Lidded Floor Basket

Live bright, live neon! There is nothing more striking than making bright accents in your home and if you try to achieve the maximum of colourfulness neon might be the answer.

Neon was THE thing in the 80s and has appeared in a more reduced way again and again since then. Some people say it's only for punks, some say it looks cheap, I say it's the perfect time to bring neon back for real! It goes very well with modern, minimalistic spaces and is a bold statement.

If you have a lot of earthy tones at your home, don't be afraid to give neon a try. Some bright sparks can be a spectacular contrast to dark wood for example.

Personally, I think the best neon piece to invest is a huge light – like this gorgeous ice cream (Yes, I am guilty of ordering it and can't wait to see it right next to my dining room table). As a graphic designer, I created many signs in my career and dreamed for ages of having my own. Finally, I will have my own disco at home, neon party forever!

If you don't feel that bold, just go for a single neon accessory like a bowl, a vase. You will smile when the sun rays coming through your windows will meet the shockingly colourful neon and cause bright reflections.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Melancholy of Being Frozen in Time

Vive Maria SS16, pastel spring look, dreamy style
Jazzafine, dear fascinator, cute headwear
vive maria ss16, flower print dress, 50s style dress
Vive Maria SS16, flower print dress, vintage look
streetstyle blogger, retro style, vive maria dress
Jazzafine, bambi fascinator, headwear
style blogger, handcandy, statement bracelet
round flower sunglasses, dear fascinator, jazzafine headwear
pastel summer look, dreamy street style, 50s style dress
Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes, jelly high heels, net socks
Vow London, sunglasses, pink round sunnies

Very close to the chimney, there is a fawn, it always sleeps and sits on a bed of gravel, its big eyes open but dead, its fur soft yet cold. This is a memory of my childhood and bambi is still in my parents home, frozen in time and waiting there with its sad eyes whenever I come to visit. My father told me that he found it lying dead in the forest when he was a kid, and the gamekeeper had it stuffed for him. Since I was very young, I was fascinated by this creature, because it was my first and only very close encounter with a fawn.

For all beauty inhabited by this creature, there is a lot of melancholy in seeing it stuffed: Aren't they made for running through the forest and snack on field flowers?

Therefore, my Bambi is no taxidermy, but a cute fascinator, the bed of gravel has been replaced with a bed of flowers and living Bambi can run freely in the forest. No animals harmed in the name of fashion here (even my shoes are plastic, you see).

Still, the memory of its stuffed version I hold very dear because it is strongly connected to something very precious: My parents, my childhood and the first place I ever thought of as home.

My Outfit:
Dress: Vive Maria, Fascinator: Jazzafine, Bag: River Island (old), Sunglasses: Vow, Bracelet: Goodhood, Shoes: Vivienne Westwood x Melissa, Socks: The Whitepepper

Friday, 13 May 2016

Lovely Fashion Finds: Dreaming of Mermaids

mermaids in fashion, shells, cute mermaid shopping
Mer Cat Blouse  –  Sequin Denim Trousers
Shell Clutch  –  Shell Necklace  –  Mermaid Sunglasses
Mermaid Bomber Jacket  –  Shell Phone Case   –  Mermaid Swimsuit

The mermaids must have left their homes hidden deep under the sea and now they are all over the shops. Wherever you look, you will find them, all of them waiting to be a girls treasure.

Mermaids inspire dreams of mystical adventures, they are creatures of divine beauty and enchant sailors and kawaii girls likewise. I suspect the mermaid hype will continue until at least next year because Hans Christian Andersen‘s classic book will appear on the big screen as a live-action movie then (Let‘s hope this one is going to be good one, although Sofia Coppola dropped out as a director).

I already ordered four things featured in this post; this makes it probably the inspiration post with the most Sara-hits ever. If you are curious, feel free to guess what‘s on the way travelling over the wide, wide sea right into my wardrobe ;-)

I am only waiting till my parcels arrive and then I‘ll be ready to play Ariel and her fair sisters, cause darling it‘s better down where it‘s wetter under the sea!

Do you want to join? Then dive in and tell me which piece is your favourite!

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lovely Giveaway: Japan Candy Box

japan candy box, march box, kawaii subscription
Japan Candy Box, subscription box, candy box
Japan Candy Box, giveaway, kawaii
Japan Candy Box, giveaway, subscription box
Japan Candy Box, giveaway, win

Sometimes it's time to treat yourself and what I like best are Asian sweets with their cute and colourful packaging. It's already the third time I spoiled myself with a Japan Candy Box and certainly not the last one cause this box brings instant happiness into the daily life. Just continue to read and find out how to get treated with your very own surprise box too.

For those who live on the other side of the moon and haven't heard of this darling subscription box yet: Japan Candy Box delivers the cutest Japanese sweets and snacks right to your doorstep, no matter where you live. Every month you can look forward to eight to ten surprises. You can subscribe just for a month or choose among different plans up to a year. It's as well a perfect gift for your kawaii friends, trust me.

Whenever you get a box it's a little experience: You have no idea what you will find in the beautifully wrapped box. If you don't have a clue about Japanese letters just as me, very often the kawaii illustrations are the only hint of what snack you have in your hand and the only way to find out is to be bold and put it into your mouth. Most often, the surprise is a new and exciting taste, if not then just move on to the next, cause you have a whole box of things to try ;-)

Are you up to try for yourself? All you need to do to win your box is to follow the instructions below. The giveaway is open worldwide, and the winner will receive one Japan Candy Box.

Thanks to Japan Candy Box for the box and for sponsoring this giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Why Styling Is Like Composing a Perfect Melody

pastel look, flamingo outfit, pompom headpiece
Madame Flamingo, ice cream heels, quirky shoes
pompom headband, head case headwear, pink hair
flamingo look, pastel outfit, pink haired blogger
pastel outfit, kawaii look, pompom headband
pompom headband, head case headwear, pink hair, kawaii blogger
Madame Flamingo, ice cream shoes, ice cream heels
flamingo bag, dreamy look, pastel outfit
Skinny Dip London, flamingo bag, novelty purse
pastel look, street style, kawaii outfit

What is the ultimate look? If you even succeed in finding a surrounding that perfectly matches all your rainbow pastels! What I love about styling is when things finally come together, and there is that tingling in the air telling you it's going to be a perfect match. Every piece you style into a look is just a piece of fabric, but if you mix them with joy and enthusiasm, you can create a beautiful composition. Styling is like music to me: Every tone needs to be right for a perfect melody. The air seems to hum if you achieve this.

Sometimes I play with a particular style for days in my thoughts till I believe that everything is the way it was meant to be. I imagine how an outfit would change if I choose just a different accessory or try an entirely different colour palette, always with the goal to find a balance between harmony and tension. This is the difference for me between being dressed in a merely functional way to avoid being naked and styling.

Making outfits can almost be like inventing characters for a fictional story: I can be the dreamy pastel princess, the elegant vamp, the funky retro girl or the sporty chic. You will judge me by what you see, but because I change day after day, your judgement might be heavily influenced by the day you meet me. The outfit can be the killer or the hero of the story.

Fashion, I love you so so much, you are my favourite playground. I hope you can feel the excitement I put into this look as well lovelies!

My Outfit:
Jacket: Mlle Sara, Dress: H&M (old), Bag: Skinny Dip (similar here)
Headband: Headcase Headwear, Shoes: Madame Flamingo, Rings: Serena Kuhl,
Makeup: Mac Cosmetics @ Jelmoli