Friday, 13 May 2016

Lovely Fashion Finds: Dreaming of Mermaids

mermaids in fashion, shells, cute mermaid shopping
Mer Cat Blouse  –  Sequin Denim Trousers
Shell Clutch  –  Shell Necklace  –  Mermaid Sunglasses
Mermaid Bomber Jacket  –  Shell Phone Case   –  Mermaid Swimsuit

The mermaids must have left their homes hidden deep under the sea and now they are all over the shops. Wherever you look, you will find them, all of them waiting to be a girls treasure.

Mermaids inspire dreams of mystical adventures, they are creatures of divine beauty and enchant sailors and kawaii girls likewise. I suspect the mermaid hype will continue until at least next year because Hans Christian Andersen‘s classic book will appear on the big screen as a live-action movie then (Let‘s hope this one is going to be good one, although Sofia Coppola dropped out as a director).

I already ordered four things featured in this post; this makes it probably the inspiration post with the most Sara-hits ever. If you are curious, feel free to guess what‘s on the way travelling over the wide, wide sea right into my wardrobe ;-)

I am only waiting till my parcels arrive and then I‘ll be ready to play Ariel and her fair sisters, cause darling it‘s better down where it‘s wetter under the sea!

Do you want to join? Then dive in and tell me which piece is your favourite!


  1. Okay yeah I need all of this <3

  2. I seriously need the Valfre jacket and the lazyoaf swimsuit! Great post Sara! <3 xxx

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