Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Lovely Inspiration: Living in Neon

neon, interior design, home accessories
Neon Pink Heart Vase  –  Star Anise Print Cushion  – Prism Bookends
Plissé A4 Archive Folder  –  Ice Cream Neon Light
Gradient Tea Towels  –  Fluoro Orange Offcut Stool  –  Neon Dipped Wooden Spoons
Pink and Yellow Acrylic Vases  –  Neon Lidded Floor Basket

Live bright, live neon! There is nothing more striking than making bright accents in your home and if you try to achieve the maximum of colourfulness neon might be the answer.

Neon was THE thing in the 80s and has appeared in a more reduced way again and again since then. Some people say it's only for punks, some say it looks cheap, I say it's the perfect time to bring neon back for real! It goes very well with modern, minimalistic spaces and is a bold statement.

If you have a lot of earthy tones at your home, don't be afraid to give neon a try. Some bright sparks can be a spectacular contrast to dark wood for example.

Personally, I think the best neon piece to invest is a huge light – like this gorgeous ice cream (Yes, I am guilty of ordering it and can't wait to see it right next to my dining room table). As a graphic designer, I created many signs in my career and dreamed for ages of having my own. Finally, I will have my own disco at home, neon party forever!

If you don't feel that bold, just go for a single neon accessory like a bowl, a vase. You will smile when the sun rays coming through your windows will meet the shockingly colourful neon and cause bright reflections.


  1. The ice cream light looks amazing! Pleeeeeeease do a tour of your house in a post!!! Soo, a fan from London

  2. Aaaah everything is gorgeous! Obsessed with that light and those bowls <3