Sunday, 1 May 2016

Why Styling Is Like Composing a Perfect Melody

pastel look, flamingo outfit, pompom headpiece
Madame Flamingo, ice cream heels, quirky shoes
pompom headband, head case headwear, pink hair
flamingo look, pastel outfit, pink haired blogger
pastel outfit, kawaii look, pompom headband
pompom headband, head case headwear, pink hair, kawaii blogger
Madame Flamingo, ice cream shoes, ice cream heels
flamingo bag, dreamy look, pastel outfit
Skinny Dip London, flamingo bag, novelty purse
pastel look, street style, kawaii outfit

What is the ultimate look? If you even succeed in finding a surrounding that perfectly matches all your rainbow pastels! What I love about styling is when things finally come together, and there is that tingling in the air telling you it's going to be a perfect match. Every piece you style into a look is just a piece of fabric, but if you mix them with joy and enthusiasm, you can create a beautiful composition. Styling is like music to me: Every tone needs to be right for a perfect melody. The air seems to hum if you achieve this.

Sometimes I play with a particular style for days in my thoughts till I believe that everything is the way it was meant to be. I imagine how an outfit would change if I choose just a different accessory or try an entirely different colour palette, always with the goal to find a balance between harmony and tension. This is the difference for me between being dressed in a merely functional way to avoid being naked and styling.

Making outfits can almost be like inventing characters for a fictional story: I can be the dreamy pastel princess, the elegant vamp, the funky retro girl or the sporty chic. You will judge me by what you see, but because I change day after day, your judgement might be heavily influenced by the day you meet me. The outfit can be the killer or the hero of the story.

Fashion, I love you so so much, you are my favourite playground. I hope you can feel the excitement I put into this look as well lovelies!

My Outfit:
Jacket: Mlle Sara, Dress: H&M (old), Bag: Skinny Dip (similar here)
Headband: Headcase Headwear, Shoes: Madame Flamingo, Rings: Serena Kuhl,
Makeup: Mac Cosmetics @ Jelmoli


  1. I agree with this post so much, I love creating stories and characters through my clothing. Styling is so much fun <3 I adore this outfit girl, those shoes are magical xx

  2. This is such a pretty outfit and I agree with your post so much! I always dress how I feel, and love going over the top with it.

    Lizzie Bee //