Tuesday, 7 June 2016

My Festival Season is a Daily Unbirthday Party

Frida Kahlo look, festival outfit, flower crown
flamingo shoes, cute high heels, pink shoes
flamingo ring, rainbow bracelet, blogger look
Frida Kahlo look, festival outfit, off shoulder bodysuit
Pearls&Swine, rainbow flower crown, flamingo earrings
rainbow bracelet, vintage, jewellery
Fabcessories, flamingo earrings, pink girl
Frida Kahlo look, festival outfit, blogger summer style
Frida Kahlo outfit, colorful blogger look, festival fashion
pompom bodysuit, rainbow look, street style blogger
rainbow pompoms, bodysuit, festive fashion
flamingo shoes, Madame Flamingo, handmade heels

"Are you ready for festival season?", all fashion magazines and newsletters want to know as the evenings get slowly lighter. "Shut up" I hiss as an answer and feel the instant urge to turn my head.

I never went to a festival in my whole life. I avoid huge crowds of people on limited space, and (while I like music covers) I certainly don't like to get covered in mud. I don't like camping. Or rain. Or people acting silly while being drunk. And no, the fact that I am a music lover can't make up for the disadvantages of festivals at all.

But well, have a look at my outfit: If I would wear wellies instead of flamingo heels, I'd be so so ready for the most colourful festival of the season. But maybe exactly this is the root why I don't need festivals: I allow myself the liberty to dress up on a regular day. I don't need an excuse to put on a flower crown and be a vision with rainbow pom poms and bright prints. Wearing an outfit like this makes me feel festive no matter if it's Monday, Tuesday or any other day. It's like having an unbirthday party, every day (including your birthday).

Glastonbury and Coachella we will never meet, I am (not) sorry. While Alexa Chung and Kate Moss get covered in mud, people will catch me humming a summer tune while I'm taking a stroll in my neighbourhood. That's how I roll.

My Outfit:
Bodysuit & Scarf (used as a belt): L.O.M., Skirt: Dotti's, Shoes: Madame Flamingo,
Earrings: FABcessories, Flower Crown: Pearls & Swine, Bracelet: Vintage


  1. Your outfits always make me smile! I love the flamingo shoes and earrings...well everything about this outfit actually! Party every day!!! Without the mud though :-)

    Emma xxx

  2. Your outlook on festivals is refreshing. I thought we were all supposed to secretly love the idea of wading through sweaty people to hear our favorite artists play live!

    I'd want to go to whatever event you ended up at because your outfits are always so unique and I would hope that creativity would rub off on me. This one is nothing short of amazing! (Didn't mean for this comment to sound creepy. Ahh, sorry!)

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  3. you're a fabulous &joyful inspiration, love your attitude, love your colorful crown and cute shoes!!

  4. Oh my god! You look very beautiful. Truly pleased to see your fun photos. Want to host a colorful party on my birthday at Seattle Venues. Planning to buy such a colorful outfit for my birthday bash but first need to finalize a venue.

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