Monday, 20 June 2016

The Adventures of the Mighty Mermaid Cats

pastel look, mermaid outfit, lilac cardigan
Miu Miu sunglasses, pink hair, blogger look
pastel outfit, blogger look, baby blue dress
Kate Spade, pale pink Maise, handbag
Mermaid cats, cute collar, miss patina
Kate Spade bag, pastel look, blogger outfit
Pastel look, mermaid outfit, blogger street style
Kate Spade, pale pink Maise, shoulder handbag
blogger look, cute collar, mermaid cats
Kate Spade, pastel handbag, shoulder bag

I am mermaid-crazy, not just since they are super-trendy, but it already started in my childhood. I can still sing a few songs from Ariel the Little Mermaid (my first CD ever) and have the movie on my shelf and don‘t care if anybody thinks this is childish. I believe we should never stop dreaming about fairy tales, no matter how old we are.

When I found this cute pastel cardigan it was like a jackpot: If there is anything better than mermaids, it must be mermaid cats! Imagine a bunch of fluffy cats with fish tails having adventures in the sea. Their mighty mercat-king is always swimming ahead with its trident; others play the underwater harp and catch mer-mice. I make strange sounds whenever I see a cat, just thinking about their fish-tailed fantasy relatives makes me giddy.

The baby blue top/dress (not so sure how to call it) is like made for a mermaid outfit: Doesn‘t it look like a siren‘s tail? I shopped this look when I was in London a few weeks ago, and therefore it reminds me of the beautiful days I spent there. I even had a bath in a bubble pool wearing those clothes at the Galeria Melissa (see post here). I was so excited I even lost my sunglasses in the pool. Luckily it was a cheap pair, not my Miu Miu glasses.

Life under the sea isn't without dangers; every mermaid needs to know...

My Outfit:
Cardigan: Miss Patina, Blue Top: Twist x Turn, Handbag: Kate Spade,
Pompom: The Goodhood, Sunglasses: Miu Miu, Earrings: Kanokkorn Lamlert,
Bracelet: The Goodhood


  1. Mermaids and cats is a dreamy combination! I love your Miu Miu sunglasses!

    Emma xxx

  2. Mermaids and cats is a dreamy combination! I love your Miu Miu sunglasses!

    Emma xxx

  3. Love the cardigan's collars<3 it's so cute! cats<33
    and the top is sooo cute too omg<3 i see it as a 3d ginghams lol X))


  4. omg so so cute, how do you find such cute things?!?

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