Sunday, 3 July 2016

Don't Dream of Being Human, Little Mermaid!

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Once upon a time, there was a little mermaid, her name was Ariel. While she was charming and had a happy life under the sea, it couldn't stop her from feeling she was missing something and dreaming of being a human. All she ever wanted was having legs to dance and walk. While her sisters thought this dream was a rather weird desire, I wonder if other mermaids shared Ariel's dream.

I experience strange stories while I sleep as well: A few days ago, I encountered myself in a dream. I had long hair in an unremarkable dark blond colour (my natural one), was wearing ugly glasses, no makeup at all and my outfit was a combination of denim trousers with a plain white t-shirt. I worked in a pharmacy, was very shy and could blend into every crowd without being noticed.

I woke up feeling confused. The dream-me was so unlike I see myself, but yet the same. What an awkward feeling! She seemed to be a canvas that didn't catch the attention of an artist: Plain, unremarkable and –forgive me for saying – ugly. Unfinished. I feel grateful for not being that girl when I could have.

You might say the difference between real-me and this dream-me is just a question of style, but I have to disagree: I bet this girl wouldn't meet the same kind of people I do, would not have this blog and probably not even spend the life with the same man. Influenced by her surroundings, she would develop other interests and in the end, become a person unlike all what defines me.

So mermaids, better not dream about having legs and be grateful the way you are! There is a reason your life turned out just the way it is and every single decision you take, every outfit you wear and every smile that lights up your face brought you were you are, step by step.

My Outfit:
Dress: Napo Shop, Jacket: Valfré, Sunglasses: Rockit, Necklace: FABcessories,
Watch: Baby-G, Earrings: Tatty Devine, Shoes: YRU, Phone Case: Valfré


  1. I love this outfit so much! I'm so glad that mermaid theme is in at the moment, it's my favourite alongside unicorns.

    I feel the same way - even though it's a small thing as fashion, if I wasn't interested in Japanese fashion I wouldn't have started blogging which allowed me to meet the most wonderful people ever. I'm so grateful to discover different fashion styles!

    Lizzie Bee //

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