Sunday, 10 July 2016

Lovely Shopping: Splashing Swimwear

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Striped Swimsuit  –  Neon Sign Swimsuit  –  Flamingo Swimsuit
Holographic Croc Swimsuit –  Long-Sleeved Swimsuit  –  Rainbow Swimsuit
Kaleidoscope Swimsuit  –  Pink "Weird" Swimsuit  –  Purple Bloom Swimsuit

Finally, after nearly endless rain, summer is here, and we can all make a splash at the pool. Until now I was not in the mood of thinking about swimsuits, but the sun changed my mind, and I discovered some super duper colourful swimwear for you.

Even if the bikini has its 70th birthday this year, I plead for choosing a swimsuit, because more fabric means more room for awesomeness, don't you agree? If I go to the beach, I wanna do so as a walking rainbow and relax in my giant flamingo floatie (in case you haven't noticed yet: inflatable beach toys are THE object of desire at this moment, no matter if donut, melon, shell or swan, they rule the beach).

The most fashionable beach queens wear long-sleeved swimsuits this year. While they used to be made to protect surfers from cold water temperatures, this year they are hot for the less sporty too. Beyoncé has already been spotted rocking one in Hawaii, so what are you waiting for? I think you can top Queen Bee's look with the stunning piece from this post.

Which swimsuit do you like best and do you have holidays planned soon?

And here you find your inflatable love to go with your new swimsuit:


  1. Gosh I'm loving the holographic crocodile one! <3

    Lizzie Bee //

  2. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you're dousing up the sun's beams in Aruba, or on the French Riviera, the most urgent choice won't be the SPF of your sunscreen (Always 50+ SPF incidentally!), yet which swimwear pieces you'll be wearing.

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