Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Lovely Wishlist: All Cute and Pretty

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Sequin Bag  –  Leather Neckpiece  –  Bomber Jacket
GRL PWR Viser  –    Sunglasses  –  Cloud Dress  –  Rainbow Phone Case
Bluehaird Gaela Brooch  –  Embellished Sandals

Wishlists are supposed to be not just good, but better than real life (otherwise they would be shopping lists ;-) ). So I always work especially hard to present only the most dreamy things on my wishlists. Today I have a lot of fluffy clouds, sequins, and roses for you, all in pastel colours; beautiful isn't it?

At the moment the shops are kind of a nether land between the seasons: All summer items are on sale, but it's still too early to get excited about coats and wool jumpers. Therefore most of the things I am craving for right now are accessories. They will accompany you no matter if it's pool time or if the leaves already fall (please not yet, please, I want summer to stay forever).

I feel like dreaming on a fluffy cloud number seven while I imagine how beautiful the baby blue dress would look with the embellished shoes and the leather neckpiece… Where is my credit card, time for shopping!

What do you like best from this wish list and what's on yours, lovelies?

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