Sunday, 25 September 2016

CeliaB: Latin Lover

CeliaB, Latin Lover, prints in fashion
CeliaB, Latin Lover, fashion collection
CeliaB, Latin Lover, lookbook
CeliaB, Latin Lover, lookbook
Celia B, Latin Lover, lookbook
CeliaB, Latin Lover, lookbook
Celia B, Latin Lover, lookbook
CeliaB, Latin Lover, lookbook
Celia B, Latin Lover, lookbook

Oh CeliaB, you did it again! This Spanish designer owns my heart for making bold and life-affirmative designs. Every one of her collections is a firework of vibrancy, fun, and careful craftsmanship.

CeliaB's newest collection "Latin Lover" is a collaboration with Argentinian artist and illustrator María Luque. The two women met during Celia's trip to Argentina, and the result of the encounter are beautiful prints exclusively for "Latin Lover."

This collection is an ode to Latin American culture and in particular the Andean region art. While Celia's designs have a strong Asian influence, the prints enhance them, so the two cultures build together a bridge between continents. The clothes come in CeliaB's habitual silhouettes, volumes, ruffles, and details, all expressing her Latin origins.

What I love most about this collection is the strong expression of playfulness, an important part of CeliaB's work. The commitment to sustainability of the label fits very well my philosophy and what I believe fashion should be nowadays. Whenever I wear Celia B I feel strong and powerful, just like a modern Amazon. So here I am, dreaming of jaguars, dancing Latinas and autumn in Argentina. CeliaB, thank you for fulfilling my need for more colours, that's just what the world needs!

Shop the collection here.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Heartbreaker

blogger look, quirky fashion, devil print top
Devil Print top, blogger look, print top
Blogger look, colourful outfit, silk print top
Sara Gallo jewelry, barbie shoe bracelet, devil print top
United Nude, bolt shoes, jelly platform shoes
blogger look, silk print top, devil print
La Vidriola, chinese lantern earrings, perspex jewellery
blogger look, street style, quirky fashion
La Vidriola, Chinese Lantern Earrings, Perspex Jewellery
blogger look, street style, quirky fashion
silk print top, devil print, colourful fashion
La Vidriola, pink hair, chinese lantern earrings
United Nude, Bolt shoes, platform jelly shoes

„Where are the looks of Sara?“ you might have asked looking at post after post without my face appearing. I tried and tried to edit pictures from shoots again, but had severe difficulties to focus and escaped into a world of product pictures.

I am blogging for five years now and never before I felt so tired of looking at myself on pictures. While I don‘t consider myself as a very vain person but happened to become a blogger only for the love of fashion, it was always clear that my looks and I are inseparable connected. After all this is a personal style blog.

But when I had a look at the last looks we shot, I just wished it wasn‘t me wearing those beautiful styles. A rather strange and uncomfortable situation for a personal style blogger.

What got me out of my moody dilemma was this look. I loved to wear the devil top so much and wanted to capture a new wild side of me in the pictures. No more effort to look good, no more worrying about not having the longest legs or an angel face, this time, I played the fashion demon obsessed doll. I danced, screamed and let my pink hair fly through the air. Can you feel the energy in the pictures?

I suddenly felt very free and relieved from the pressure of being more perfect than I am. Thank you silky devil, for awaking a new me. Now I can be brave again and face the pile of pictures on my desk.

My Outfit:
Top: Be Wild, Skirt: Asos (old), Tights: Wolford Vintage, Shoes: United Nude,
Bracelet: Sara Gallo Jewelry, Earrings: La Vidriola, Sunglasses: Ebay

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Lovely Giveaway: Michael Michalsky x Freixenet

Freixenet x Michael Michalsky, metallic bag, giveaway
Michael Michalsky, Freixenet, Giveaway

Freixent, Michalsky, giveaway
Freixenet, Michalsky, giveaway

One could believe it must be Christmas: I have another giveaway for you, yay! And not just any other giveaway no, but you can win a very exclusive Michael Michalsky bag in trendy rose gold and two bottles of Freixenet Cava. There are only a few of these sets available in Switzerland, so take your chance and have a party!

For its 75th birthday, the traditional Spanish label Freixenet is going fashion and asked German designer Michael Michalsky to create a special edition for their bottle. The designer inspired himself in Spain, visited the Freixenet winery and the local production of the sparkling wine. Freixenet and Michalsky share their high-quality standards and tradition, as well as a unique design and style.

The result of the joint venture is an elegant and classy bottle for the fizzy wine drink. The dots on the bottle remind of studs, an essential element of Michalsky's signature style. They appear on the metallic bag as well and make it an eye catcher. I fell in love with this bag as soon as I opened the box and the greedy part of myself wishes to keep it. But as my lovely reader, you deserve a unique piece so much, and I am euphoric to make the bag dreams of one of you come true.

How to win: All you need to do is to comment below this post and tell me what would be the perfect party for you and leave me your mail to contact you in case that you win. The giveaway is open to residents of Switzerland only and will end on the 2nd of October 2016. 

Good luck to everybody and cheers to the winner!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Lovely Giveaway: BucketFeet – Artist-Designed Shoes

bucketfeet, artist designed shoes, sneakers
BucketFeet, artist designed shoes, sneakers
BucketFeet, shoes, sneakers
BucketFeet, artist designed sneakers, rose print shoes
BucketFeet, artist designed shoes, blogger
blogger, cool sneakers, artist designed sneakers
BucketFeet, flamingo shoes, artist designed sneakers
BucketFeet, colourful sneakers, artist designed footwear
BucketFeet, artist designed shoes, blogger

Street art brought the art to our daily lives when it was a privilege of the rich to be surrounded by art pieces. Now it‘s the time for art to be involved in your life even closer: Stop wearing shoes, start wearing art! BucketFeet makes this possible.

The US footwear label works together with a network of over 20 0000 artists from all over the world to bring you the most unique and different sneakers you‘ll ever wear. Everybody can send in designs, but BucketFeet makes sure, just the most extraordinary are produced as comfortable sneakers to fulfill their mission to connect people through art. Every pair of shoes tells an artists story and is made in limited quantities for affordable prices.

Because BucketFeet is very excited to be available in Switzerland in selected Shops like Ochsner Shoes and Ochsner Shops from now on, you have the opportunity to win your pair of artsy shoes here. You have the choice between my three favourite designs, all seen in this post. Just follow the instructions of the Rafflecopter below.

Shoes in this post:
Flamingo Shoes: Flamingo by Lindsay Cowcher (United Kingdom)
Shoes with Faces: The Duo by Andrea Silvestri (Honduras)
Rose Print Shoes: Geometric Roses by Ignatevia Irina (Russia)

The giveaway is open to residents of Switzerland and will end on the 25th of September 2016. You don‘t live in Switzerland? Don‘t worry; there is another BucketFeet giveaway on my Instagram @saraisinlovewith starting next week. Just keep your eyes open. 
Good luck to everybody!

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