Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Heartbreaker

blogger look, quirky fashion, devil print top
Devil Print top, blogger look, print top
Blogger look, colourful outfit, silk print top
Sara Gallo jewelry, barbie shoe bracelet, devil print top
United Nude, bolt shoes, jelly platform shoes
blogger look, silk print top, devil print
La Vidriola, chinese lantern earrings, perspex jewellery
blogger look, street style, quirky fashion
La Vidriola, Chinese Lantern Earrings, Perspex Jewellery
blogger look, street style, quirky fashion
silk print top, devil print, colourful fashion
La Vidriola, pink hair, chinese lantern earrings
United Nude, Bolt shoes, platform jelly shoes

„Where are the looks of Sara?“ you might have asked looking at post after post without my face appearing. I tried and tried to edit pictures from shoots again, but had severe difficulties to focus and escaped into a world of product pictures.

I am blogging for five years now and never before I felt so tired of looking at myself on pictures. While I don‘t consider myself as a very vain person but happened to become a blogger only for the love of fashion, it was always clear that my looks and I are inseparable connected. After all this is a personal style blog.

But when I had a look at the last looks we shot, I just wished it wasn‘t me wearing those beautiful styles. A rather strange and uncomfortable situation for a personal style blogger.

What got me out of my moody dilemma was this look. I loved to wear the devil top so much and wanted to capture a new wild side of me in the pictures. No more effort to look good, no more worrying about not having the longest legs or an angel face, this time, I played the fashion demon obsessed doll. I danced, screamed and let my pink hair fly through the air. Can you feel the energy in the pictures?

I suddenly felt very free and relieved from the pressure of being more perfect than I am. Thank you silky devil, for awaking a new me. Now I can be brave again and face the pile of pictures on my desk.

My Outfit:
Top: Be Wild, Skirt: Asos (old), Tights: Wolford Vintage, Shoes: United Nude,
Bracelet: Sara Gallo Jewelry, Earrings: La Vidriola, Sunglasses: Ebay


  1. This outfit is perfect! ;)

  2. Your outfits are amazing!!! Down to your earrings. Love, love, love your unique sense of style.

  3. This outfit is so cool and crazy, I really like that. My wife also loves some extraordinary cloths, she even made some photos with it, follow the link to see.

  4. It's Christmas - everyone's favorite time of the year. For many, Christmas is about the friends, family, faith, vacation, and tradition. But there are still some who take Christmas to the next level - fashion-wise. Yes, indeed Christmas is a time for flaunting the new set of clothes we've saved up for the whole year. .

  5. I'm in love with your hair color! You're amazing Sara xxx


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