Sunday, 30 October 2016

L.O.M.: Vendala

L.O.M. Vendala, festival fashion
L.O.M., Louise O'Mahony, festival fashion
L.O.M, Vendala, lycra dress
L.O.M., UK fashion, festival fashion
Louise O'Mahony, festival fashion, pompom skirt
L.O.M., British fashion design, festival fashion
L.O.M., festival fashion, british fashion design
festival fashion, kimono, tassels
festival fashion, printed lycra, rainbow pompom
Louise O'Mahony, festival fashion, pompom

Boooooom! British label L.O.M's new collection Vendala is out, and it's a fabulous blast of rainbow colours, tassels, and sparkly pompoms, combined with nature inspired psychedelic prints.

Designer Louise O'Mahony was carried away by wanderlust and got inspired by Tibetian landscapes and wild dreams of far away worlds for her new collection.

What came to life is a unique fun collection for the bold and brave that turns every ordinary day into a festival day. All pieces are handmade in the UK, and the fabric prints are designed in L.O.M's Brighton studio.

I am dying to get my hands on anything from this collection. Since I heard about Louise and her work for the first time, I am a real fan and own pieces from her past collections. Her things are easy to wear, flattering and sexy. They brighten up my day very often, and lovely Louise has become my queen of printed lycra.

So what are you waiting for: Get some L.O.M. on and party!

Find out more about L.O.M. and shop the collection:

Monday, 24 October 2016

An Exciting Shopping Experience at Fashion Fish

Bally shoes, blogger look, evening outfit
fashion blogger, hallhuber coat, flower print coat
fashion blogger, fashion fish, outlet shopping
Fashion Fish, shopping, hallhuber
fashion fish, pink haired blogger, pink evening look
swiss bloggers, fashion fish, shopping event

For the first time ever, I went to a factory outlet, the Fashion Fish in Schoenenwerd. I imagined outlets to be sad places with a lot of jumble more for the label-addicted than for the real fashion lovers. What I found was far better than what I could have imagined and surprised me. But let's start from the beginning:

The Fashion Fish is very easy to reach from Zurich by train and offers premium labels such as Bally, Lacoste, Guess, Diesel, Nike, Timberland and much more.

I arrived with a lovely bunch of other bloggers, and we were warmly greeted by stylist Clifford Lilley and photographer Amanda Nicolic, who offered us helpful advice on how to look good in front of the camera. After drinks and a guided tour through the center, we got a 500 CHF voucher to shop a look.

It was quite a crazy experience, and I felt like a participant of the TV show Shopping Queen. Because the time was limited and I was keen to find something that I loved, I felt under pressure. After all, you don't get so much money to spend in one go every day. It was a lof of fun to see all bloggers shop, ask those likeminded but all very different people for their opinion and see what treasures they found.

But when I spotted the gorgeous pink Bally shoes, the first shoes I own from the luxury label, all doubts vanished, and I was inspired to style an elegant evening look. Shortly after I bought the shoes, I found the perfect coat and dress to go with them at Hallhuber. I love the simple elegance of the look and think the coat has a slight Asian touch, especially combined with my hair cut.

After a touch-up, it was time to show our purchases in the pictures taken by Amanda. Since she is such a cheerful person, I instantly felt very comfortable in front of her camera and the shooting was a fabulous end to an exciting day. Thank you so much for having us Fashion Fish, I can't wait to be back (Maybe one Bally item isn't enough in my life…).

Find out more about Fashion Fish here:

Copyright Pictures: Amanda Nikolic
Makeup touchup by Monica Pintabona Bellino

Monday, 17 October 2016

Look Me In The Eye & Tell Me…

Kenzo Eye Jumper, pink hair, blogger style
Metallic skirt, kenzo jumper, kenzo world
satin bomber jacket, pink hair, blogger look
metallic look, kenzo world, bomber jacket
Kenzo jumper, eye jumper, blogger
kenzo, maison margiela, candy clutch
kenzo jumper, metallic clutch, satin bomber
Kenzo jumper, pleated skirt, pink haired blogger
kenzo jumper, eye jumper, kenzo world
light up shoes, reebok, voegele shoes

Kenzo is my brand of the moment. I can‘t wait for the Kenzo x H&M collection launching at the 3d of November (Hello invitation to preview at the showroom, I‘m coming, yay!) and their viral hit advertising spot by Spike Jonze for the fragrance Kenzo World made me think of Kenzo eyes for days. Just when I believed that their tiger designs are too repetitive, the eyes got me, and I couldn‘t resist to treat myself to this jumper.

I like the casual easiness and coolness of the look. It‘s a look perfect for city trips: Comfortable to wear but if you go for a cocktail spontaneously, nobody will accuse you of bad taste.

The eye is a powerful symbol, and while wearing my jumper, I have to think of the eye shaped talismans common in Turkey quite a lot. They are supposed to protect from the evil eye causing injury or misfortune. Let‘s see if Kenzo can do that as well!

The only thing left to do is to dance as wildly as Margaret Qualley in the Kenzo add and find a flower eye sculpture to float into…

My Outfit:
Jacket: Urbanpeople, Jumper: Kenzo, Skirt: Topshop (similar here),
Sunglasses: Craig & Karl for Le Specs, Bag: Maison Margiela for H&M,
Shoes: Reebok bought at Voegle Shoes, Tights: H&M

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

10 Wish List Items & 10 Things I Wanna Do This Month

wishlist, blogger, autumn fashion
Metallic High Heels  –  Neon Sign Necklace  –  Pink Sunnies
Metallic Flamingo Bag  – Love Me Tender Bag  – Diamond Ring
Pleated Velvet Skirt  –  Flower Necklace  –  Red Platform Shoes  –  Fake Fur Jacket

1.  Enjoy autumn: Although it's not my favourite season, I want to focus on the good things, munch a lot of chestnuts, wrap myself in fluffy things and hide from the cold at home with a lot of tea and scented candles while listening to records.

2. Declutter my wardrobe: It's time to let go and downsize! Earlier this year I read the book "The Lifechanging Magic of Decluttering" by Marie Kondo. I love the thought of having a flat full of only the things that cause a "spark of joy."

3. Less understatement, more self-confidence: I am the master of making myself small. But is this reasonable? I am not perfect just like everybody, and I feel it's time to be okay with this and focus more on what my skills and qualities instead of being worried about my faults.

4. Manage to have a tidy desk for more than a day. Seriously: My desk looks very blogger-cliche, a mess full of shoeboxes, makeup, accessories and event invitations. My goal is to have it Instagram ready – all the time.

5.  Call or write all my friends I've neglected during the last months and let them know that they are important in my life, even if I might not be there every day.

6. Shop less: I own far more than I need and I think it's essential that we all reflect on our habits of consumption because of our environment.

7. Take my darling to a unique location in London for his birthday. It should be posh, lovely and have fancy food. If you have any ideas, leave me a comment.

8. Visit the Björk Digital exhibition at the Somerset House: Cause this iconic woman is a big source of inspiration, I admire that she seems ahead of her time. Besides: This is gonna be my first virtual reality exhibition.

9. Start to think about Christmas: Cause it seems to be too soon every year, and it's always a stressful time to have everything from cookies to gift guide articles ready. This year I wanna finally make it and start early!

10. Relax: Sometimes I feel like one of those Indian gods with the many arms, not because I consider myself as divine, but life is so busy, and there is barely time to take a breath and just be. I believe it's important to slow down from time to time. A perfect day doesn't have to be glamorous but can involve to stay home with uncombed hair, wear no makeup and watch series only.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Frida Kahlo On A Ride With Her Pink Cadillac

vintage look, frida kahlo outfit, mexican style
vintage look, pink haired girl, frida kahlo dress
Prada SS12, cadillac shoes, pink stiletto
prada stiletto, cadillac high heels, fashion
Tara Starlet, blogger, pink 50s dress
Frida Kahlo dress, Prada shoes, Markentussi
Furla metropolis, pink glitter bag, mini bag
Frida Kahlo look, blogger style, pink hair
Tara Starlet, 50s style, pink dress
Tara Starlet, pink dress, Madonna dress
Prada Cadillac shoes, Prada SS12, stiletto

Sometimes every girl should feel like a princess! Even if she knows that she is not the prettiest girl in the world and will never win a beauty contest, it can happen, sometimes just for a second. This outfit is one of those moments for me, and I don't even need a diamond crown to go with it.

I don't want to make you jealous, but look: I found my dream Prada shoes from SS12 at the vintage store Markentussi, and they were even my size (otherwise I might have considered playing Cinderella's evil step sister, so lucky me I didn't have to). As you might know, I am not the kind of girl you can impress with a car, but stilettos with a bullet-shaped tail light are my favourite means of transportation.

Because the hot heels are very 50s, I couldn't resist to combine them with a vintage style dress. This Tara Starlet is a true head turner. It feels very cheeky with the open back, but what got me first was the print: I am wearing my beloved idol Frida Kahlo right by my heart.

Frida has always been one of the strongest sources of inspiration for me. A woman full of strength, power, creativity, and uniqueness. She fought against all the odds life put in her path and in the end, even conquered death with turning herself into an immortal icon. Imagine this strong woman having a ride in a pink Cadillac, just as pink as my Prada shoes. Frida, you would rock the streets just as you rocked everything you did!

My Outfit:
Dress: Tara Starlet SS15, Shoes: Prada Vintage from Markentussi, Bag: Furla,
Flower Hairclips: Temptress of Waikiki